Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Circus Performers

We took advantage of the beautiful weather this past weekend and enjoyed a family day out. We had breakfast at a place called Young's Diary (mmm....pumpkin pancakes), hiking at John Bryan State Park, and ice cream afterwards. It was such a perfect day. We took the opportunity to "chit chat" with the kids. I asked them if they could join the circus, what job would they want? Asher excitedly yelled "The guy who gets shot out of the cannon!" like he had been waiting for that question his whole life. Jesse wants to "ride giraffes" - the boy has an obsession with giraffes (Grammie, what did you do to him?!). And Anna wants to be a trapeze girl...we wouldn't expect anything less from our pink, glitter and glamor loving superstar.

The scenery was breathtaking. The leaves were so beautiful.

Our circus performers are ready to be found Barnum and Bailey Brothers!

Joel wants to be the guy driving the motorcycles in those circular cages.
Wonder what Josie will want to be?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

West Virginia Pumpkins

The fall season is in full swing and we are enjoying it to the fullest! It all begins with pumpkin picking. My parents grew a garden this year to include pumpkins so once we got the call that they were ready for harvesting, off we went to the Spoerer Pumpkin Picking Farm! The leaves just all of a sudden seemed to blossom in their amazing fall colors which we noticed on our drive down. Jesse didn't notice too much as he was sawing logs most of the drive.

Picking pumpkins in Poppy's garden. They seriously had their pick of many!

Josie found one.

Posing with their picks. Notice the rain boots?!
I told you I was a firm believer after camping.

Josie chose this weekend to start crawling. Nothing is safe now.