Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Joel the Jailbird

So I have no picture to go with this story (even though it would make for an even funnier story) and I hope Joel doesn't mind me poking fun an this embarrassing encounter (sorry Babe!) but it was too good to pass up. Many of you know that Joel has never done anything wrong in his whole life, always the obedient child. Well, the streak has ended! He was arrested yesterday!!

I just talked to him for the first time today-he has been in Korea since Friday on business. So I may get parts of the story wrong but it seems him and another guy were walking through a tunnel that connected 2 buildings on the Air Force base. He has just met this guy since being on this trip and they are getting along pretty well (Dallas I believe his name is). While in the tunnel, Dallas thinks there is something wrong with the security cameras, that they are angeled wrong or something. So the 2 of them study the security cameras for awhile. Dallas decides he is going to report the issue. Upon leaving the tunnel, there are 2 security guards that tell them they have to wait there for some reason. So Joel and Dallas are chatting it up and the next thing they know they are being arrested! Yes, the whole deal-hands handcuffed behind their backs, read their rights, taken out in the cop cars. And yes, they were in uniform! Joel said is was so embarassing, 2 Air Force captains being arrested on the base in broad daylight. So I guess they kept telling "their story" and the Commander over there had to go get them out, and he didn't end up back at the hotel until 7:30pm that evening. Security ended up calling it "human error" and Dallas was pretty mad because he thought he was trying to help. Joel had to contact his boss here in Hawaii and let them know before someone else got the story to her. What an experience in a foreign country!! While he was telling his story, I got a little scared that this was his 1 phone call! Thank God everything turned out alright.

So 2.5 days until the jailbird comes home. So far, no cotastrophies. The kids and I have just been keeping busy and we have had a surprisingly very good week. I hope to still be saying that on Friday.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Lunch with the Turtles

This past weekend we had a picnic on the beach with some sea turtles. One was there when we decided to picnic and then we were able to see one come out of the water and join us. The kids were pretty amazed. The one closest to us in this picture has a tracking system attached to its back because it is about to lay eggs. So Asher says "That turtle is a BIG Mommy like you". OK, I know he didn't mean it like that but we did get a good laugh.
Here we are enjoying a famous Hawaiian delicacy, Shave Ice. It is like a snow cone, only much much better! A perfect beach day delight.

This weekend and week, Joel will be TDY to Korea. I am a little nervous about being alone as we still don't have a support group established. For those who knew us in Boston, you will remember how the world always seemed to fall apart when Joel went away...let's see, locking myself out of the house in 20 degree weather, sick kids, the car breaking down, shoveling snow while being 7 months pregnant (well, I don't have to worry about that one here!), etc. Joel said to me "please don't kill the kids while I am away because I love them". HA! Please keep us all in your prayers this week and you may be receiving some sanity phone calls from me as well!!
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Monday, February 18, 2008

The Thorson Superstars

Anna and I are taking a "Mommy and me" ballet class once a week. She adores being a ballerina and I can never get those ballet shoes off of her! She tiptoes and twirls around the room. In class, I am supposed to encourage her and do the movements with her, but she will stick her hand out and say "Mommy, no, I do it" and leave me standing in a corner! It has been great to watch her enjoy something that can be all her own.

Asher is now a "Cubbie", or puppy as he would say, at Awana which meets on the Air Force base once a week. For the Awana newbies out there ( yes that would be me), this is all about scripture memorization. They do songs, games, and a story with the kids, and work on memorizing. Asher had to say 3 memory verses to earn, YES EARN, his Cubbie blue vest. We work on the verses all week and every day he would say "Mommy, I want a blue vest". I really didn't think a 3 year old could do it and was floored at how quickly he learned them. This picture was right after he was awarded his vest and he was soooo proud. Now we have a book to work through together that teaches him more about God and has more memory verses, which can earn him stickers and patches for his vest. What an amazing program.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Our Exciting Day

I know, I know, I have been blogging so much lately but who can resist when our days our so eventful and the kids actually cooperate for pictures! We had a very busy day so I decided to share some of the excitement.

In honor of Valentine's Day, I put aside my desire to freak out about the mess and enjoyed cookie making time with the ones I really love. And yes, Sandra, they did do everything themselves! It took me 30 minutes to clean up the mess when it was all over but it sure was fun while we were doing it...not to mention how excited they were to eat them after supper knowing THEY had made them.

And then the base had a "viewing" on the runway today of a B2 stealth bomber that landed today. Joel came rushing in saying "we have to go to the airport NOW!" so off we went. It isn't every day you see such an amazing piece of technology and walk among the planes on the runway. Asher was in heaven and is still talking nonstop about it.
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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hiking and Snorkeling

We spent this past Saturday with the waterfalls and the was a true Hawaii experience and it was all absolutely breathtaking. First we hiked to a place called Manoa Falls, a 130 foot waterfall. Asher said it was "the biggest waterfall ever in the whole world"! The kids loved it. Asher hiked the whole 2 miles by himself but as you can see Anna enjoyed the view from Daddy's shoulders. She did hike the 1 mile down by herself though. Then we picniced on the beach and went snorkeling at Hanauma Bay. The kids let us drag them around in their floaties while we fish gazed for a little while, but then we had to alternate playing in the sand with water time. We really do need to invest in an underwater camera so I can show you what we see, but we would rather you all come visit and see it for yourselves!

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Yey Thursday!

Here is a picture of the kids on their new favorite toys. I have to point out that this was "LAST" week because this week we have barely seen the light of day. Asher has had a temperature or 104 degrees since Saturday, been up half the night every night, and has actually been napping! Woah, don't know what to do with myself when he naps. He has just been miserable. I finally got him into the doctor on Tuesday and he has Tonsilitus and has now perked up with antibiotics. But in the meantime, it has been no preschool, no gymnastics, no Bible study for Mary, no playground. Thankfully, I haven't caught anything! I finally thought I would get to leave the house today for Anna's ballet class (she loves being a ballerina by the way) and then my sitter for Asher just called that her daughter was sick....AAAHHHHH! This is nuts. Joel keeps saying "I thought people didn't get colds in Hawaii"...I guess the temperature outside doesn't matter. My one excitement of the week is IT IS THURSDAY!!! Thursday is now the best TV night ever with my 2 favorite shows back to back. First Survivor, starting tonight, and then Lost. Woo Hoo to a fun filled TV watching popcorn night!!!
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Sunday, February 3, 2008

LOST in more ways than one

This past weekend, I escaped for 2 days and 2 nights to a women's retreat (yes, no kids!) with a Military wives bible study that I have joined here on the Air Force Base. The theme of the retreat was "Lost in the Scripture", and we learned how to study the Bible inductively (anyone ever heard of that?). It is a method taught by Kay Arthur and it was amazing. We studied 2nd Timothy and I learned more about Paul and Timothy and their relationship in 2 days that I have in the past 10 years. It was so eye opening and has really increased by desire to study God's word. I truly did become "Lost" in the Scripture. It was also a time for me to get to know other women from the base and I pray that some of the relationships that started there can continue. This Bible study altogether has been so uplifting for me, and the women very encouraging and loving. This past week, the Lord has been showing me so many things through this group (we are studying the Psalms of Asent, Psalms 120-134), one being that this land is not foreign to Him. That He knows the way and is guiding me, and will not let me slip. We know there is a place here for us and friendships that will be made, and a ministry that the Lord has for our family-a reason for bringing us here. And because I know that and am confident in it now, I am OK with waiting for His timing to reveal it all to us and will continue to look up to Him. So in that essence, I don't feel so "Lost" and alone anymore. We truly are blessed. Now I will share some pictures.

The retreat was at a YMCA camp on the North Shore of Oahu, right on the beach. We were able to enjoy some time with this Monk Seal. He just lounged on the beach all day, and I have since learned they are very rare and an endangered species. We also saw whales this morning! Last night, we had a campfire on the beach and the stars in the sky were even more amazing than the night sky in the West Virginia country. The whole weekend I was "Lost" in God's beauty of creation.

Here I am trying out my skills at archery. I didn't do too badly! Maybe I could join Gena Davis in the Olympics.

But here are the pictures that are truely "Lost"!! So to all my Losties out there, these are the infamous "others" houses. The swingset is where Sayid was tied up when he was captured and I believe you see the gazebo when the others all run out of their "houses" to watch the plane crash. We actually stayed inside them during the retreat (and they are just 4 bunkbeds in a room so I am sure they didn't use the inside for filming the show) and I learned so many things about the show and where they film from some of the camp staff. You may be asking, "where are all the palm trees?". I asked that too and would you believe they bring in the palm trees every time they film to surround the houses and make it look junglely. The YMCA boss's baby is Claire's baby so we got lots of stories in that area. I was star struck and there weren't even any stars there!

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