Sunday, February 3, 2008

LOST in more ways than one

This past weekend, I escaped for 2 days and 2 nights to a women's retreat (yes, no kids!) with a Military wives bible study that I have joined here on the Air Force Base. The theme of the retreat was "Lost in the Scripture", and we learned how to study the Bible inductively (anyone ever heard of that?). It is a method taught by Kay Arthur and it was amazing. We studied 2nd Timothy and I learned more about Paul and Timothy and their relationship in 2 days that I have in the past 10 years. It was so eye opening and has really increased by desire to study God's word. I truly did become "Lost" in the Scripture. It was also a time for me to get to know other women from the base and I pray that some of the relationships that started there can continue. This Bible study altogether has been so uplifting for me, and the women very encouraging and loving. This past week, the Lord has been showing me so many things through this group (we are studying the Psalms of Asent, Psalms 120-134), one being that this land is not foreign to Him. That He knows the way and is guiding me, and will not let me slip. We know there is a place here for us and friendships that will be made, and a ministry that the Lord has for our family-a reason for bringing us here. And because I know that and am confident in it now, I am OK with waiting for His timing to reveal it all to us and will continue to look up to Him. So in that essence, I don't feel so "Lost" and alone anymore. We truly are blessed. Now I will share some pictures.

The retreat was at a YMCA camp on the North Shore of Oahu, right on the beach. We were able to enjoy some time with this Monk Seal. He just lounged on the beach all day, and I have since learned they are very rare and an endangered species. We also saw whales this morning! Last night, we had a campfire on the beach and the stars in the sky were even more amazing than the night sky in the West Virginia country. The whole weekend I was "Lost" in God's beauty of creation.

Here I am trying out my skills at archery. I didn't do too badly! Maybe I could join Gena Davis in the Olympics.

But here are the pictures that are truely "Lost"!! So to all my Losties out there, these are the infamous "others" houses. The swingset is where Sayid was tied up when he was captured and I believe you see the gazebo when the others all run out of their "houses" to watch the plane crash. We actually stayed inside them during the retreat (and they are just 4 bunkbeds in a room so I am sure they didn't use the inside for filming the show) and I learned so many things about the show and where they film from some of the camp staff. You may be asking, "where are all the palm trees?". I asked that too and would you believe they bring in the palm trees every time they film to surround the houses and make it look junglely. The YMCA boss's baby is Claire's baby so we got lots of stories in that area. I was star struck and there weren't even any stars there!

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  1. WOW! You're almost famous now! So glad you had a chance to get away and make some new friends on the base.

  2. I love Lost! That is too neat!