Monday, November 23, 2009

Surrounded by Stars

Recognize any faces in this picture (well, besides mine and Jesse's!). In Hawaii I desparately wait to run into movie stars. Never in a million years did I think I would run into 2 superstars in the Grand Central Mall in Parkersburg, WV (where my mom works and I have been to upteen million times while growing up). This is Joanna Garcia who played Cheyenne on "Reba" (a show I adore!) and Nick Swisher, outifeld and 1st base baseball player for the New York Yankees (now a World Series winner)...boy that is hard to write as a Red Sox fan. My mom happens to work with Nick Swisher's mom, and these 2 are dating, so hence my fortunate run in while visiting my mom at work. While I was walking by them to my mom's office, Asher ran them over with Jesse's stroller. Talk about embarassing! Anyways, they were so nice and let me snap a quick photo (as long as I didn't mention the Red Sox again!).

Monday, November 16, 2009

Country roads, take me home...

Well, the roads didn't have much to do with the journey but a KC135, a military refueling jet, did! As I write this I am sitting in my childhood home in West Virginia, wrapped in warm blanket with my slippers on (REAL slippers, not flip flops), my beautiful german shepherd at my feet (who has not left my side since we arrived), and a roaring fireplace (alas it is fake). Of course it is midnight and I am bright eyed and bushy tailed, but HAPPY! I have often watched the space available flights out of Hickam AFB since Joel's deployment and there were 3 flights this weekend that could work for us. One on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. I made the decision on Friday (after making the descovery late Thursday night), frantically got paperwork together, winter clothes purchased, bags packed, and began the journey. We were unable to get on the first 2 flights (middle of the nights setbacks, ah, the joys of SpaceA), but made the 3rd. So began the 2 day journey. We had a "lay over" in Pt Mugu, CA where I didn't know a soul and there were no facilities to help Space A travelers at a small Guard base. I was terrified and we were exhausted from the flight and 2 previous nights of no sleep. But the Lord provided! 3 National guard folks adopted us as soon as we got of the plane (aka ANGELS), who fed us dinner, got us a hotel when all said they were booked, brought us breakfast in the morning, gave us a ride back to the base, and helped me load the kids and luggage back on to the place. I don't know how we would have survived without them-it brings me to tears just thinking of those folks I may never see again and their generousity. Then another 4 hour flight and 3 hour drive and here we are, home for Thanksgiving!! I won't lie, it was tough. I was terrified at the thought of it but the Lord enabled me to conquer that fear and reap the benefits. The kids did get to move around on the plane, lay out on sleepings bags, and Asher and Anna both got to sit in the cockpit for take off. But there were still many tears and arguements and frustrations. The kids did NOT want to play with a single thing I packed for them, the DVD player was not working, plus I packed the wrong baby for Anna (MAJOR DRAMA-Mommy this is not Gracie! Who is babysitting Gracie!!!) This was a journey that I NEVER imagined I would even attempt on my own, EVER. God is good. Now I am not sure how we are going to get back to Hawaii, but I will trust in Him and enjoy my time here. The first thing Asher and Anna said when they opened the doors of the plane..."It is COLD!" (YES, I get to wear a sweater I mentioned in an earlier post that resulted in the loss of a cell phone!). I still can't get Jesse to keep shoes or socks on! But guess what, I get to sleep in tomorrow!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Life with Jesse

As I sit here looking at my now yellow keyboard (thanks to Jesse and a yellow high lighter), I thought I had enough evidence to blog on what life is like with 18 month old Jesse. Anna and Asher never kept me on my toes like this one does.

His new favorite place to be is dancing on top of the kitchen table. This use to be a safe haven for Anna and Asher to color or play with toys when they didn't want Jesse interference, but not anymore. Those are real apples in my centerpiece. One day I noticed there were a few missing and it took my a few days to figure out why...then I saw Jesse walking around the house eating an apple. I keep refilling it but they keep disappearing!

Once he gets into my bathroom, he goes straight for the Q-tips.

I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me. I swear, you turn around for 1 second!

If only I had a picture of the time I found him swimming in the toilet like it was his own swimming pool...literally sitting inside the toilet bowl splashing around with a whole roll of toilet paper having a grand ol' time.

Rule #1: If it is quiet, it is time to find Jesse and fast!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Festivities

The weekend started with the annual Hickam Air Force Base Carnival (aka money grabber). The kids had the time of their lives (I might have enjoyed a ride or two myself). It is so neat to watch them laughing and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Do you remember what it was like to go to a carnival when you were young...the lights, rides, yummy treats?! I always loved it growing up. Of course, I can't go to a carnival without enjoying a funnel cake...YUM!!

Jesse watched most of the action from his stroller but the lights and sounds were enough for him. I was able to take him on a giant slide that I think he enjoyed. I was too busy keeping my grasp on him as we flew down.

These race cars were Anna's favorite last year and this year. She rode it 3 times.

Asher's first roller coaster! He is in the second row in the green shirt. I was very nervous for him and planned to ride it with him. As we were standing in line he asked me what I was doing. I said "riding with you", and he said "NO Mommy, I can do it by myself". Geesh, does the embarrassment of riding with your mother start at 5? So he went by himself and LOVED it. He told me he wanted a roller coaster for his birthday.

The Thorson family (minus Daddy...we wish you had been there!).

The next day was Halloween. Our block did a big barbecue before heading off to do trick or treating together. The kids loved seeing each other's costumes and going out with their friends. After 1 block they raced home to pass out candy (which I think they thought was more fun). Joel and I are really struggling with our beliefs on Halloween but with him gone, I decided to push it off another year and just enjoy.

Anna and Mommy at the barbecue. Wow, I think we really look a lot alike in this picture.

The beautiful mermaid. For those who don't know Anna, she plans on being a mermaid when she grows up complete with "mermaid boobs". What I asked?! Yes, mermaid boobs Mommy. "Sea Shells Anna?" Yes, mermaid boobs.

Jesse was too adorable walking around in this. When it got dark, he glowed and all you could see were the funny.

Asher and his best buddy Garrett. Asher is on the left. I think they have 2 admirers in the background.