Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life as We Know It

Well I guess our life just isn't near as exciting in Ohio as it was in Hawaii. As the days pass and I find I haven't blogged in awhile, I say to myself "What do I blog about!". I want to say that it isn't Ohio but just the fact that we moved. It is more than the change of house, new schools, church hunting, finding friends. It is almost like life comes screeching to a halt. We get so involved in things: friends, commitments, activities. Then you move and BAM!, there is nothing occupying your evenings or weekends and I sit and wonder what to do with myself! It is just a season of quietness and I am sure our lives will be booming with activities here again soon. In the meantime you will just have to be satisfied with stories and pictures of my cuties.

I have been enjoying my mornings with just Jesse and feel like I have read the whole library in all this quietness. The kids LOVE school and are adjusting well. Our neighborhood isn't swamped with kids so surprisingly Asher and Anna have become better friends than I thought possible - such a blessing to see. Anna has started ballet and gymnastics and keeps telling Asher to look for her on TV. Asher is thriving in piano lessons and just started a swim team where he is learning the techniques of swimming while being part of team (no competition until he is ready). Both activities are perfect for Asher and his personality. Joel completes his review classes this week, believes he has settled on a research topic, and starts "real" classes next week: linear algebra, probability and statistics, and digital signal processing. Sounds fun, right?! He gets sent off with a packed lunch everyday just like the kiddos. As for me, my heart aches for sailing! I am freezing and still can't keep shoes on Jesse (even in 50 degree weather). But the fall is taking my breath away and the Lord is truly blessing me with a few quick friends, a babysitting swap, and a MOPS group.

Weekly trips to the library have been one of our newest adventures. Jesse ALWAYS picks out a train book and hangs on to them for dear life. Seriously, he even sleeps with them. I have to sneak them away when he isn't looking when it is time to return them.

This was the sight in our house this past Saturday morning. Meet Anna, the fairy princess, and Asher, aka. "Clone Superman". Yes, that is what he called himself. Check out the socks! Completely cracked me up.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Day Out

Grammie and Poppy treated the kids to a "Day Out with Thomas" which included photos with Thomas, a train ride, and some other fun activities.

The kids loved the train ride but Jesse was by far the most excited to see Thomas. Jesse is super obsessed with trains - he was in heaven.

The boys on the train ride.

Then we spent the afternoon at the Beavercreek Popcorn Festival. I LOVE popcorn and enjoyed trying all the different treats. Even though popcorn was the feature there seems to be this new obsession with deep fried food. This is the first time I have tried deep fried anything...pickles seemed to be the #1 thing on the menu but I couldn't do it. Joel tried a deep fried snickers. I tried a deep fried banana (GROSS!). However I have to say that the deep fried apples tasted like warm apple pie - very good! Nothing was better than the chocolate dipped cheesecake on a stick
(NOT deep fried!).

The kids favorite treat = cotton candy!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blessing #4

For some of you, this is a surprise...so SURPRISE! Yes, we are expecting Thorson baby #4. I am currently 19 weeks with a due date of Jan. 26. I was VERY sick early on (much different than my other pregnancies) but am doing much better now. When we first told the kids, we got quite different responses than what we thought we would receive. Asher said "I have to take care of 3 kids!" and Anna stated that if it wasn't a girl than she didn't want it. Today we had the joy of seeing the little bugger moving around in an ultrasound and then the joy as Anna danced and screamed with excitement when we told her that it was a indeed a GIRL! "I knew it!" She squealed over and over and over again. She has so many plans for the 2 of them already. Asher already loves the baby and showers my growing belly with hugs and kisses. Joel is glowing (even though he was POSITIVE it was a boy). Needless to say we are all very excited to welcome a baby girl into our family.