Friday, March 26, 2010

Dragon's Nostrils

Joel and I were able to check something off our "List of things to do in Hawaii" this week as we finally got a babysitter and did a hike we have been eying for 2 years called "Dragon's Nostrils". It is not a kid friendly hike, and was quite an adventure. We had an AMAZING time.

You start by going up a paved path and eventually turn of the paved path to hike down volcanic rock. We were heading to the tide pools you see at the bottom is this picture.

At the bottom are 2 blow holes that look like a dragon blowing steam out his nostrils, hence the name of the hike. We sat at the bottom enjoying the tide pools, watching the ocean, and having uninterrupted conversations.

Well, if you know me, you know me and my lighthouse pictures.
Just had to share this amazing view.

This is the path we hiked home. Yes, what path?! There really isn't one. Instead of hiking back up, you just hike over the rocks along the bottom of the cliffs for some beautiful hidden sights.

Joel at one of those beautiful sights.

The best find of the hike was this tide pool. It was deep enough that we couldn't touch the bottom but crystal clear, hidden in the side of the cliff with an ocean view to the side.

Another great memory of Hawaii to add to our collection.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Take Two

A little over a week ago, Asher had his first trip to the ER to get staples in the back of his head. He was skidding around on his big wheel, "tricks Mommy", when a skid stop whipped the back of his head into the edge of a carport post. He was so brave in the ER, shedding not a tear! But geesh-2 kids to the ER for stitches/staples in 2 months! I don't like where this is headed! The minute he got home from the ER, he put his helmet on and was off on his big wheel again performing tricks. GO ASHER!

This morning was the "gecko gallop" - a 10K run on base. This was our 2nd 10K as a family. This is how we roll!! Ever since we trained this way for our marathon last year, the kids LOVE going with us and enjoy cheering us on during races. Our family jogging by is a common sight in this neighborhood. This 10K was a personal best for me-54:30! Yes, Joel could go faster but he stays with me :).

A gecko gallop wouldn't be the same without a gecko! Jesse still only says a handful of words but today he took off towards this guy saying "Look, gecko!". We were dumbfounded. Anna was mortally terrified of him but we managed to get a family photo after our run.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Its a Tough Life

Napping on the beach = heaven! We have had visitors for a month now so this is how Jesse has been catching up on some z's.

My parents arrived about a week after my sister so that their visits overlapped for 1 week. It was a jam packed week filled with beaches, a hike, swimming with dolphins, and a luau.

But most importantly, my parents just enjoyed time with their grandchildren all being in one place at the same time! It was precious.

Everyone lined up at our favorite burger joint.

Metal detecting with Poppy.

I was able to take my Mom sailing. It was a beautiful day.

The cousins had a blast they are at a luau. Asher and Anna are still sad that they are gone.

However, the Olsen family departure was followed by the arrival of some of our dear friends from Massachusetts, Rick and Wendy Picariello (with their son Isaac). Our first item of business was swimming in a waterfall.

Joel and Asher with Rick and Isaac.

As of right now, we are still having fun with the Picariello's. Asher and Anna are going to be sad to see another friend leave. Then after a month of entertaining, we are going to have to interject ourselves back into real sad!