Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy Halloween

So we have officially entered the candy, cookie and junk food season. I seem to find the evidence in every corner of the house! Not to mention in own hands once the kids are safely tucked in bed. We have enjoyed the start of the season with costumes and carving pumpkins, a block party and trick or treating, all while reminding our kids that we are being a light in a dark world by imitating Jesus every single day. We are super proud of the character we see developing in them. We here wonderful reports from their teachers and other parents, and I reminded by the one thing we desire most in them is that they love the Lord above all else. As a parent, we should desire this more than a blue ribbon or the winning goal, straight A's, or even a stellar athlete. We are happy to turn our porch lights on and open our doors to neighbors, delight in their children, and be a part of our community while showing them the light in our hearts and letting our kids have a little fun. Our kids often point to Jesus before Joel and I even do and as we chase a kitty cat, Darth Vader, a minion, and a fairy around the block I remain more proud of them each passing year.