Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fun days

 Joel took Jesse and Asher on a "boys" date to an Auto Show in DC.  Even after the boys were fast asleep, Joel walked dreamily into our room and sad "I had the best time time with my boys". I guess it was a good date! The picture above is a "REAL, mom, a REAL one" hot wheels car.

 Jesse was over the moon about driving "Bumble Bee".

 The kids tagging along with me to the chiropractor.  This is a new adventure for me, and the jury is still out on results, but since I have to go 3 times a week I often have to drag my entourage.  They love joining me at this doctor's office though because the assistants let them play on all the equipment.

Not a girls date but we had a nice time waiting for the pediatrician for an hour! Ugh! They really made the best of it.  Anna was in heaven playing doctor the whole time, and Josie just likes being included. She has become a pistol since turning 2...I don't remember the terrible 2's hitting so fast!

A boys's adventure

Future posts will involve: adventures in potty training, girls date, swim meet tales, and hopefully me healed of back and hip pain after a million chiropractor visits.