Saturday, October 25, 2008

A few more party pictures...

Read the blog below for details. I just had to post more pictures!

Anna in the middle of all the wrapping paper. Her face says it all.

Spiderman Asher and his friend Garrett the knight. Asher didn't understand why her couldn't dress up in his costume since Anna was in hers so we let him go for it. I was a little scared spiderman would be chasing around a bunch of screaming princesses but her behaved himself. We asked his friend Garrett to come hang over to give him some boy company.

Another tea party picture.

Jesse and Daddy exhausted after a hard day of partying.
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Anna's Princess Tea

Anna celebrated turning 3 today with a Princess Tea Party. She has been counting down to this day for months and this morning I heard her exclaim "ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!" the minute she woke up. Her birthday really isn't until Monday but we didn't bother explaining that since her party was today. This princess tea party idea sprung in our heads months ago because Anna is such a girlie girl obsessed with princesses and babies. Including Anna, we had 8 little princesses over for the celebration. They had their nails painted, got tattoos, made tiaras, played pin the shoe on cinderella, and of course had a tea party. Thankfully our patio is covered because it rained buckets all day. That never happens in Hawaii but I have this rainy day birthday party curse that hangs over my head :). We all had a great time and Anna was in heaven. It was adorable watching all the little princesses running around (and Asher as spiderman with his friend the knight). Anna loved her presents, having her friends over, and wearing her beautiful dress. Her favorite thing to do in her dress in dance with her Daddy-it is so special to watch! So Happy Birthday to our litte princess!!

8 little princessess all in a row.

Princess Anna getting her nails painted.

"Happy birthday to Anna..." a lady on base made us this beautiful cupcake cake. However Anna wanted nothing to do with blowing out the candles. The icing on this cake is divine...I can't stop eating it.

The girls enjoying their tea party.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Great Weekend

It is so sad to see long weekends disappear. Joel had Monday off due to Columbus day and we had a 3 day weekend packed with fun. We had soccer, running 16 miles (not a ton of fun!), a beach birthday party, AWANA, a get together in order to watch the Red Sox lose, and cookies and ice cream for dinner. oh, and sleeping in!! But the best part about the weekend was Asher scored his FIRST soccer goal!!!!! YIPEE!!!! We have come a long way from his first game when he just sat on the ground and cried. He was so proud of himself. He is really having fun with soccer now and that is all we care about, but it was still pretty exciting to watch him get that goal.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

She's Gonna Blow!

I know I already blogged earlier today (so for the late comers, you have a bonus 2 editions today-keep reading below!) but I couldn't help but share this moment. If you read my first blog, I am tired and dealing with a sick hasn't been the most controlable day. I did happen to fall asleep on the couch this morning for about 20 minutes after breakfast while the kids watched a show. I woke up to find Anna in a corner going through a bag of my stuff. She looked a little guilty but I let it go. So now it is nap time. I have 2 or 3 kids down to sleep and one playing outside. I am drinking my first cup of coffee and decide to read a chapter in my book. The picture shows what I found. Notice the title of this book is "She's Gonna Blow!". I couldn't help but laugh.

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OK, Kylee this one is for you. I feel I have nothing really exciting to blog about but since there was a request for a new entry, here it goes! You must keep in mind as I ramble that I am running on about 4 hours of sleep. Poor Jesse was up most of the night with a fever and stuffiness making it hard for him to eat. As I am typing, he is grabbing at the keys and my arms while his snot and drool is dripping all over me (lovely). The kids are playing downstairs in a make shift fort I built but I still hear a small battle brewing. Maybe if I just ignore them...thank God it is Friday!!!! Joel gets Monday off and he already promised me a sleep in day...woo hoo!!

Pajama Time...I just love this picture.

Anna trying to be a big girl after her shower. She loves when I put her hair up like this.

and I just had to show off the invitations I made for Anna's birthday party. We are having a princess tea party. We are actually having the girls dress up like princesses. Anna has been counting down to this day and already has tea cups assigned to all her friends. We are having about 6 little girls over and she only has 4 tea cups. She is so concerned and prays every night "dear Jesus, I don't have anymore tea cups". What she doesn't know is we have a brand new procelain set to give her as a birthday present. I am really looking foward to this super girly party.
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Monday, October 6, 2008

Best Friends

We have been so blessed with friends for the kids here in Hawaii. This weekend we watched a friend's kids for the afternoon and got some great pictures. These are their friends Garrett and Grace who I would definitely say are their best friends here. Garrett is 41/2 , Grace is almost 3, and they even have a little brother who is 7 months old. We always call this family our doubles. The kids get along so great (and we get along wonderful with their parents too). Anna has even named her favorite baby doll "Gracie" after her best friend. At bedtime we always have the kids thank Jesus for something that happened that day and most often it is "thank you Jesus for our friends Garrett and Gracie". Mommy and Daddy are so thankful for them too! We love to watch them play and see our kids interacting with good friends. Garrett has even got Asher wrestling! The girls will play with their babies and strollers for hours. It really is a blessing.

Anna and Gracie going down our homemade water slide.

Playing rind around the rosie in the pool.

Funny faces picture.
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