Friday, January 17, 2014

Welcome to 2014

Happy New Year faithful family members and friends who keep up with my blog! We have yet to all make it till midnight on New Year's Eve. This year it was the boys who rang it in together while us girls bit the dust. Yes me included, went to bed at 11:45! I must be growing up. We had a wonderful time celebrating with friends from Hawaii (the Foxworth's , Beers', and Ericson's), eating Kailua Pork, catching up, and watching our 13 kids bounce off the walls. It was wonderful but once the party dispersed I couldn't hang in there anymore.

 Anna at 11:45 pm.

 The boys at midnight celebrating with "kid's wine".

Anna has determined to become a baker this year. She is always asking to make stuff and I have a hard time giving her free reign on the kitchen. Over the break I just gave in and Anna had a day pretending she was on Cupcake Wars. She amazed me! According to the judges in this house, she was the champion! What do you think? I was her assistant but for some reason she talked to "Gracie" all day. DiAnne Boutz, someone is a little excited about a reunion!