Friday, May 29, 2009

A Jeep Wrangler



"If you could be any car, which car would you be and why?"

We were asked this question at bible study this past week. Joel answered "a minivan". Here I expected a corvette or ferrari, but not a minivan! He said that minivans were practical. Now that does make sense since Joel is the most practical person I know...the exact opposite of me! I guess I shocked a few people when I answered that I would be a Jeep Wrangler. They just say "outdoor adventure" to me...ready to go anywhere and do anything. I use to be quite a dare devil but seemed to have tamed it down once kids came into the picture. But I still have that heart. I would love to go skydiving and bunjee jumping. But I was able to finally cross cliff jumping off my list! Woo Hoo to another Hawaiian adventure!! Even though Joel jumping is the 1st picture posted here, I just have to say that I went first!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm a Graduate!

OK, so Anna didn't technically "graduate" but the whole preschool did a program before the graduates came up to receive their "diplomas". This is Anna's class performing. Anna was totally in her element and loved being on stage. She talked about it for days and practiced in front of a mirror. Watch out Hollywood, here comes Anna!

Here is the real graduate (yes, needing a haircut again!).

Asher's class performing.

And here is Asher receiving his "diploma" from his teacher Ms. Shannon. Funny all the hoopla to graduate from preschool. Joel's coworkers made fun of him as he rushed out the door to make it to the ceremony. But in Asher's world, it was truly important and special. He is so excited for kindergarten. OK, the tears are welling up in my eyes.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Asher!!

Asher had a water party to celebrate his 5th birthday this past weekend. We borrowed this slide from a friend, had a pool set up, a water table, water guns, bubbles, and water balloons. Asher was in water heaven and all had a great time. What started off with a few friends turned into this....
Of course that is what happens when you live in a neighborhood such as our new one and we expected it (and are not complaining!). It was just amazing to see the kids multiplying.

Asher begged for a carrot cake, his favorite. Such an odd request but since it is my favorite dessert I was happy to comply. I also made a chocolate cake since we had so many kids and he got upset when he saw it. "Mommy, that isn't a carrot cake!". I had to reassure him that I was making both.

The kids enjoying cake and ice cream.

We saved family gifts for this morning; his "real" birthday where his party was his "pretend" birthday as he would say. We just can't believe he is 5. I signed him up for kindergarten the other day and got all emotional. I am totally going to be one of those moms crying on the sidewalk. Tomorrow is his preschool graduation, he graduated to Sparkies in AWANA, he is 5, and now off to kindergarten. Where does the time go?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

Kids reading nook.

My beautiful garden outside the front door of our new house. (Thanks Dad!)

Our backyard. We eat dinner out here almost every night and it is a wonderful common area for all the neighborhood kids to play.

My blue accent wall in the kitchen with my family photo collage.

The TV area. Of course, my most favorite thing in this picture is that adorable little boy!

The "office" and reading area. I just love the carpet that I got on clearance at Pier 1..woo hoo!

The view from the front door. The mirror...another Pier 1 steal...YES!

Just had to throw this in there...yes, really my new ultimate favorite kitchen accessory. I have wanted one of these babies for years! Joel told me I couldn't take it out of the box until we got to the new house. Then one evening he decided he wanted to bake cookies (in the old house). So he pulled it out and was the 1st to use it!!! I guess he deserves it being the baker he is :).

OK, so I love the whole house!! We are just so happy here and thankful for more space and great neighbors (and area).

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Beach Days with Grammie and Poppy

Grammie has always been a beach bum. She loves life in Hawaii.

Asher treasure hunting with Poppy. Asher would run ahead and make "X"'s in the sand and say "look here Poppy!". He was very disappointed that they didn't find any pirate treasure chests.

It is so tough being a baby in Hawaii. These naps on the beach are priceless.

We had a wonderful time with Grammie and Poppy. Time with family is always special and cherished. As we were driving to the airport Asher says to me "Mommy, you better obey your parents because if you don't they will give you a spanking.". I got a kick out of that. It was sad to see them go. As I said in a previous blog, my Mom left very sick and was diagnosed with Bronchitis when she returned to WV. Then our 3 kids were all diagnosed with pneumonia. Thankfully all are feeling better but it was a long week. Now Joel is sick. But the house is looking like a home and we are sooooo happy here. I plan on sharing some photos in my next post.

Happy Mother's Day to all my dear friends that have progressed into motherhood, and especially to my lovely Mom and Mother-in-law! You are always in our thoughts. We love you!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Super Duper Fantastic Day

I believe it all started because I stayed up too late. I decided to paint a few walls and was determined to finish that night no matter what. I did finish, happy to have accomplished something in this mess, before drifting off to sleep around 11:30pm. Then Monday hit me hard. I was already cranky and in need of coffee when my rooster (Anna) crowed at 6:15am. Anna has had a cough all weekend that progressed into a fever this morning. She didn't want to eat and joined me in cranky land. Asher and Jesse weren't far behind both coughing and cranky. We had no food in the house and I desparately needed to get to the grocery store. I decided sick kids or not, we were going to get there! I had them all ready to go and could not find my keys for the life of me. I am looking under boxes and paper and toys and books. Nowhere. Now Jesse throws up on me. There is no way I am making it to the grocery store. I put him back to bed and slump onto the couch with the kids watching a movie, resigning that there is no way this house is getting organized anytime soon. I was going to have a friend watch the kids for a few house so I could work on the house but the fevers cancelled those plans. Thankfully, Joel comes home early to stay with the sick ones while I run the few errands I needed to run. I returned some curtains and got a $20 bill...woo hoo!! I never have a $20 in my wallet and it will be perfect to pay for my packages at the post office. I next go to the commissary to buy groceries. At the commissary, the baggers work for tips only. I notice I have 4 $1 bills in my wallet so I have something to pay the bagger. So this really nice guy and I are chatting it up on our way to my car with the groceries. It was such a nice conversation. He helps me load the groceries into the car, tells me to have a nice day, and I slip him a bill from my wallet. As I am getting into the car he says "No, you have a SUPER DUPER FANTASTIC GREAT AWESOME day!". Hm, that's weird. I just nod and drive away thinking "wow, he was really nice". Last errand. The post office. I wait in the long line and realize as I am going to pay that my $20 is missing but I still have those 4 $1. OH, it all makes sense now. No wonder he was no enthusiastic as I was leaving. I gave the bagger a $20 bill!! Do I go back and say "sorry here is the $1 I meant to give you. Can I please have my $20 back?". This is only something that I could do. I was angry with myself but felt God telling me to let it go. Maybe that guy really needed $20 today. My day continued to be frustrating with the sick kids all fighting for my arms to rest in. The house is still chaos. But my wonderful husband encouraged me to take a night out shopping with a girlfriend which was wonderful therapy...wondering around a store "window shopping" without any arms tugging at my legs and pulling things off the shelves. It did end up with a super duper evening. Plus he had some curtains hung when I came home. Thank you Joel!!!! Now Tuesday begins with 3 sick ones again. But it is OK. I have no $20 in my wallet to give away this time :).

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Jesse!!

One year ago, Jesse was born on the same day as a beautiful little girl named Kaedon. It was love at first site. Here is a picture of their 1st playdate. Happy Birthday Kaedon!! and Happy Birthday to our sunshine Jesse.

"Happy birthday dear Jesse!"
We just had a few friends over for cake and ice cream to celebrate Jesse turning one. When everyone started singing, he just beamed like he just knew it was for him. Of course, he is always beaming, but I think he had an extra special radiance on his birthday.

No left over cupcake on this plate! More please?!

A family photo while enjoying present time.

I think this was Jesse's favorite gift (or the one he didn't have to fight Anna and Asher too much over since it was big enough for all of them!)...a crawl through play tunnel from Grammie and Poppy. This gift has been extra great since our house is in complete chaos due to the move.

We still have one foot in each house and are trying to organize as we go. I have some great pictures from Grammie and Poppy's visit that I will post soon and some house photos. We tried to get some fun things in with them, but they were so much help during the move too. Thank you Mom and Dad!!! Sadly enough, Mom left with the flu as a souvenier. It has been a crazy few weeks, but we LOVE our new house. The neighborhood is awesome for the kids-so many friends to play with and a great common area to play in, a playground across the street, friends for me, great neighbors, and the house is so much bigger...YEY!!!