Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Jesse!!

One year ago, Jesse was born on the same day as a beautiful little girl named Kaedon. It was love at first site. Here is a picture of their 1st playdate. Happy Birthday Kaedon!! and Happy Birthday to our sunshine Jesse.

"Happy birthday dear Jesse!"
We just had a few friends over for cake and ice cream to celebrate Jesse turning one. When everyone started singing, he just beamed like he just knew it was for him. Of course, he is always beaming, but I think he had an extra special radiance on his birthday.

No left over cupcake on this plate! More please?!

A family photo while enjoying present time.

I think this was Jesse's favorite gift (or the one he didn't have to fight Anna and Asher too much over since it was big enough for all of them!)...a crawl through play tunnel from Grammie and Poppy. This gift has been extra great since our house is in complete chaos due to the move.

We still have one foot in each house and are trying to organize as we go. I have some great pictures from Grammie and Poppy's visit that I will post soon and some house photos. We tried to get some fun things in with them, but they were so much help during the move too. Thank you Mom and Dad!!! Sadly enough, Mom left with the flu as a souvenier. It has been a crazy few weeks, but we LOVE our new house. The neighborhood is awesome for the kids-so many friends to play with and a great common area to play in, a playground across the street, friends for me, great neighbors, and the house is so much bigger...YEY!!!


  1. Yea for your new house!!! Kaeden has enjoyed playing with the little turtle and crab in the tub. That was sweet that you sent her a little something. Hope you guys get settled quickly.

  2. Yeah, and happy belated b-day to Jesse.