Friday, May 29, 2009

A Jeep Wrangler



"If you could be any car, which car would you be and why?"

We were asked this question at bible study this past week. Joel answered "a minivan". Here I expected a corvette or ferrari, but not a minivan! He said that minivans were practical. Now that does make sense since Joel is the most practical person I know...the exact opposite of me! I guess I shocked a few people when I answered that I would be a Jeep Wrangler. They just say "outdoor adventure" to me...ready to go anywhere and do anything. I use to be quite a dare devil but seemed to have tamed it down once kids came into the picture. But I still have that heart. I would love to go skydiving and bunjee jumping. But I was able to finally cross cliff jumping off my list! Woo Hoo to another Hawaiian adventure!! Even though Joel jumping is the 1st picture posted here, I just have to say that I went first!

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  1. If we were still there I would bring over Derek's jeep and let you drive it! That was fun that one night when we went driving!!!!!