Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas from the Thorson Family! We had a wonderful time celebrating our Savior's birthday. Happy Birthday seems to be the kids favorite song to sing and we lost count on how many times it was song over the holiday break. The kids even created their own rendition just for Jesus! The only thing that was missing were those family members that we couldn't be with this year. Their absence was a definite whole in our hearts.

 All decked out for Christmas Eve service followed by chocolate fondue all over those nice clothes!

 But it was better for the chocolate to go on those nice clothes rather than our new Christmas jammies-the one present the kids get to open on Christmas Eve. 

At some point Joel and I will get to sleep on Christmas Eve night, right?! It wasn't the wrapping that kept us up…we actually planned ahead and had it pretty much done. It was the kids…poor things.  Anna was up till midnight at first determined to see Santa and prove his existence and then just crying because she was too excited to sleep and "how long is this night going to be!?". Then Asher was up at 5:15. We forbade them to come out of their rooms until 6:00am and of course at 6:01 we hear the feet running down the steps with squeals while they looked for their stockings (yes Santa hides them). It was Josie exclaiming "My PINK NAPKINS!" that finally rallied me out of bed to be opening presents by 6:45.  

 Have you ever seen a kid so excited to get socks? Apparently this is another "cool boy" thing. 

 Jesse got his Skylander's swap which he wants to play every minute of every day. We have to pry the controller's out of his hands to take breaks.

Anna got a karaoke machine-her most favorite gift. Now the dancing bouncing girl comes with a microphone too! The shows have been endless.

In addition to her pink napkins, Josie got beloved Cinderella glass slippers. Once they are on her feet she magically turns into a princess! 

Needless to say, everyone was extremely happy with their gifts. I got a bunch of new cold gear running stuff in my stocking. The kids said "Is that it?". They think Santa wasn't very nice to me-I guess they don't me that well. (but my husband does!).  While everyone was playing with their new toys,  I enjoyed a beautiful 6 mile run enjoying my new toys!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Let it Snow!

About a week ago we had 3 glorious snow days. The kind where everyone (even Daddy!) was snowed in and the whole neighborhood was out celebrating together. It feels like an ancient memory now because just yesterday it was 70 degrees and my kids were running around in t-shirts. Not sure what is going on but our dreams of a White Christmas seem to be disappearing. So we find ourselves looking at these pictures and hoping that it happens again soon!

 Snow days also mean baking cookie days! In this process we have learned that Jesse really does not like crafts. He says it is just "work work work". Bring on the games! So we literally had to tie him down just to decorate one cookie!

 While Anna has to decorate the most perfect cookies, Asher is all about fitting as much decoration on one cookie as you can get! He was having a blast. All he wants for Christmas is under armor clothes. When did I get a kid old enough to just want clothes for Christmas? Apparantly under armor clothes are the cool thing for boys now?

 Anna trying to build a snowman all by herself! There were snowman's everywhere in the neighborhood. This Christmas season might be our last "magical" one with Anna. She is determined to prove to all the older kids at the bus stop that Santa is real. We found her talking to Sonny, our elf on the shelf, one afternoon…just chit chatting away telling him her Christmas list.

 Ask Josie what she did in the snow and she says "eating it!" which is exactly what she did the whole time she was out. Her Christmas wish list is hilarious…"all the mermaids, a heart, one lip (meaning lipgloss or chapstick), and pink napkins (my favorite and not sure where that wish came from! but check, I think Santa has that one covered)."

Jesse sledding-oh boy! Can someone please put this boy in bubble wrap? It has only been 3 weeks since his last surgery and the cast coming off and my heart skips a beat every time he falls. All the kids were out riding bikes yesterday and I made him stick to the scooter. I am a nervous nilly!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Nutcracker Thorsons

Every year, the ballet company that Anna dances with does a semi-profressional production of The Nutcracker to ring in the holiday season. It is something that Anna and her dance buddies dream about all year and she cries buckets after the last performance agonizing over waiting another whole year till it comes around again. Since seeing the show last year, Asher started begging and pleading to be in the show as well (which means Jesse follows). So this year we had 3 Thorson's in the production. They have been practicing since September and spent the last 2 weekends on stage. What a treat for these parents to see!! Anna was a mouse, Asher was a party guest and soldier, and Jesse was a crown bearer which carried Clara's crown on stage with the Nutcracker (his good buddy now!).

Friday, December 6, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Yes, I am a little late in my post but I want to take a moment to remember all we are thankful for before heading into all the Christmas posts. We spent Thanksgiving with my parents in West Virginia which was a special time. We made a "thankful" turkey to remind us what we were celebrating-each feather is something we are thankful for. The following pictures will be some of those things. (I heard the Sounds of Music song in my head…these are a few of my fav-or-rite things!)

 Train rides with Grammie at the mall where she works.

 Playing in the leaves (this is how a walk with Finn went. Needless to say we didn't get very far).

 Anna expressing herself.

 Pizza! Jesse's favorite food.

 Josie LOVES hats and mittens.

 Family outings

 Especially ones that include exploring!

Our dog Finn

We pray that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and remembered all the gifts He has given us!