Monday, December 16, 2013

Nutcracker Thorsons

Every year, the ballet company that Anna dances with does a semi-profressional production of The Nutcracker to ring in the holiday season. It is something that Anna and her dance buddies dream about all year and she cries buckets after the last performance agonizing over waiting another whole year till it comes around again. Since seeing the show last year, Asher started begging and pleading to be in the show as well (which means Jesse follows). So this year we had 3 Thorson's in the production. They have been practicing since September and spent the last 2 weekends on stage. What a treat for these parents to see!! Anna was a mouse, Asher was a party guest and soldier, and Jesse was a crown bearer which carried Clara's crown on stage with the Nutcracker (his good buddy now!).

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  1. This is so awesome! What great memories for your kids! And sidenote, are we so much alike that we even choose the same blog background?!?! Funny!