Monday, December 23, 2013

Let it Snow!

About a week ago we had 3 glorious snow days. The kind where everyone (even Daddy!) was snowed in and the whole neighborhood was out celebrating together. It feels like an ancient memory now because just yesterday it was 70 degrees and my kids were running around in t-shirts. Not sure what is going on but our dreams of a White Christmas seem to be disappearing. So we find ourselves looking at these pictures and hoping that it happens again soon!

 Snow days also mean baking cookie days! In this process we have learned that Jesse really does not like crafts. He says it is just "work work work". Bring on the games! So we literally had to tie him down just to decorate one cookie!

 While Anna has to decorate the most perfect cookies, Asher is all about fitting as much decoration on one cookie as you can get! He was having a blast. All he wants for Christmas is under armor clothes. When did I get a kid old enough to just want clothes for Christmas? Apparantly under armor clothes are the cool thing for boys now?

 Anna trying to build a snowman all by herself! There were snowman's everywhere in the neighborhood. This Christmas season might be our last "magical" one with Anna. She is determined to prove to all the older kids at the bus stop that Santa is real. We found her talking to Sonny, our elf on the shelf, one afternoon…just chit chatting away telling him her Christmas list.

 Ask Josie what she did in the snow and she says "eating it!" which is exactly what she did the whole time she was out. Her Christmas wish list is hilarious…"all the mermaids, a heart, one lip (meaning lipgloss or chapstick), and pink napkins (my favorite and not sure where that wish came from! but check, I think Santa has that one covered)."

Jesse sledding-oh boy! Can someone please put this boy in bubble wrap? It has only been 3 weeks since his last surgery and the cast coming off and my heart skips a beat every time he falls. All the kids were out riding bikes yesterday and I made him stick to the scooter. I am a nervous nilly!

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  1. I understand that a very white Christmas is headed your way right now. Grandpa and Grandma are coming to town! Merry Christmas to you!