Friday, February 7, 2014

A Mermaid Birthday

Josie turned 3!!! The girl has had her birthday date memorized for months and would quote it to anyone who would listen, and then would say "January is happy to see me". We found it quite endearing. She is princess and mermaid obsessed so we went for the mermaid theme this year. She had 3 little friends over to eat cake, play games, and do a craft (which bombed miserably!). So really the craft was a mason jar that you decorate with stickers, fill with glitter, water, and vegetable oil and viola! an ocean snow globe. No, it turned into a lava lamp. Pinterest said it was so easy!!! One of the little girls said "It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!". Thank goodness for how those darlings see the world. Enough about my craft, I know you are really waiting for pictures.

 Even though we did a number of games, the hit of the party was popping the "bubbles" with little surprises inside the balloons. The laughter was infectious!

 I made the girls mermaid tails to wear. Don't give me too much credit-it didn't require a sewing machine! Just lots of fabric glue.

 Josie with her besties Peyton, Evie, and Ashton

 Mermaid cake!

 Her favorite gift was the big stuffed unicorn her siblings picked out for her.

 The day of her actual birthday it snowed buckets! Even Joel had the day off from work. It was very special for her to have everyone home on her birthday.  Here she is sledding with our neighbor Heather. Actually the kids ending up being home all week-yikes! They haven't been to a full week of school since early December. The kids now expect a snow day every week.

 Her favorite thing to do in the snow-eat it!

Happy Birthday my little mermaid!!