Monday, July 25, 2011


We interrupt your regularly scheduled program (Thorson Vacation, Part III) to update you on some happenings with the kids...moments too precious not to share.

The tooth fairy has been a regular visitor to the Thorson household. Asher has lost 4 total now. It amazing how a few missing teeth can change one's smile! Joel and I find it difficult to take him seriously with the way some of his words sound now :). I guess what is the most pathetic is how one tooth was hanging by a thread at the Burger King play place while on a play date with some other Mom's and none of us could bare to look in his mouth let alone pull it! Daddy to the rescue!

The other big development is we now have 2 girls with pierced ears! Any of you who have known us for awhile know this was a big deal. I wanted to get Anna's done as a baby but Joel was very adamant in waiting. He wanted it to be something special when she was older and could ask for it. Well lately it has been a huge topic of discussion but she was still a too scared to go through with it. Sunday it switched and she just kept asking so off we went (I have been waiting and waiting for this day!). Now Joel said no to Josie getting it done. I batted my eyes a little and said that if she had earrings, I wouldn't be so insistent on the hair bows (which he is not a big fan of). It didn't take too much convincing for him to cave. I guess it is true that the baby of the family gets everything!
Anna being super brave!
Her only moment of panic was when it actually happened but now she won't stop looking at herself in the mirror. She does scream like a banshee when I have to clean them twice a day. Not sure why since Josie doesn't bat an eye while I do hers. Always the drama queen. She picked out some pretty sparkly butterfly earrings.

Josie got pink pearls. And she looks so beautiful in them! Even Joel agrees that he likes the way they look.

They are both beauties.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Vacation, Part II

The second phase of the big Thorson vacation involved Joel and I traveling (separately) to HAWAII!!! Our love for Hawaii allowed us to justify this trip with many reasons: the Wet Hens (my sailing group of instructors) 50th reunion which will be Part III, many friends still being in town, birthdays...but one biggie was our 10 year anniversary. Our anniversary is actually this Thursday, the 21st. 10 YEARS! These feet have traveled many miles in those years...welcoming children, trips to doctors, ERs, and family, 6 moves in 3 states, mountains and valleys that we wouldn't trade for anything. The years have been blessed and so was this vacation. Every detail was wonderful. We got amazing time with close friends and were able to visit the places we loved as well as do a few things we never got a chance to before.

Joel of course went along on all my sailing adventures. Here we sailed to a sandbar where we anchored and had fun as part of the Wet Hen reunion. The company and views were perfect.

Josie putting her feet in the Pacific for the 1st time at our favorite beach. She wasn't as thrilled as we were.

A special moment.

Josie was great on the trip. She didn't like the water but was so content to play under the umbrella with her toys and listen to the waves.

She even napped under there.

A trip to the North Shore is only complete with shave ice. We had to give Josie a taste. I mean you can't go to Hawaii and not have shave ice! As you can tell, she loved it.

One of our new adventures was kayaking out to find a World War II era plane wreck. It involved a pirate map (seen here with Joel) and lots of snorkeling to find it. We heard Joel's squeals of joy through his snorkel when he found it. It was amazing to see and involved swimming with a few turtles. Yes, I sat in the kayak perfectly content to avoid sharks until the wreck was found.

An amazing day included a few mishaps for poor me but it wouldn't be an adventure without it! My snorkel gear got stuck in my hair for part of the trip...that was after my husband hit me in the head with a kayak paddle and I busted an ear drum swimming down to touch the plane (yes, always pushing the limits) and before I busted my knee hiking on the island we kayaked to.

Joel and I with Jenn and Russell Foxworth-our dear friends who housed us on our vacation and joined us on our adventures.

Which of course included jumping off a rock face into the beautiful ocean.

And the trip ended with the 4th of July. We LOVE the 4th of July at Hickam Harbor which included a day of sailing, barbecue, good friends, the beach, and fireworks...a perfect ending.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vacation, Part I

The past month of our lives has involved so much traveling and so many pictures that the only way I know to share it with you in is parts. So over the next few weeks I will share memories and photos of our wonderful summer! Part I of our major Thorson vacation was a week in Wisconsin with Grandma and Grandpa Thorson and Auntie Amanda and Uncle Caleb visiting from Australia. Grandma and Grandpa had so many wonderful activities planned-we had a blast. We went boating, lake swimming, to the zoo, and to a Twins/Brewers baseball game. It was so such a wonderful time truly enjoying family and what a joy to see the kids get to know their Aunt and Uncle again. Then we left the older 3 with the grandparents who enjoyed a ton more fun activities. I am still hearing about all they did! Grandma and Grandpa were ready to pass them back when Joel and I came back from Hawaii!

Enjoying a boat ride on lake. The kids each got a turn to drive and fell in love with the Zimmerman family (their Grandparent's besties). Katie, you are Anna's BFF!

Jesse getting a turn to drive.

Lake swimming. The kids loved running and jumping off off the pier. This was the first time they have been able to enjoy a "beach" since our move from Hawaii. Our little swimmers were in heaven.

Grandma and Josie at the baseball game.

Asher is now super in to baseball.

Anna was a little restless and talked everyone's ears off. But we still love her!

Anna wanted Josie to have a tea party with her and her you think she sees Josie as a baby doll or a friend?

Josie enjoying time with Grandpa.

Hanging with Auntie Amanda and Uncle Caleb at the game. GO TWINS!