Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vacation, Part I

The past month of our lives has involved so much traveling and so many pictures that the only way I know to share it with you in is parts. So over the next few weeks I will share memories and photos of our wonderful summer! Part I of our major Thorson vacation was a week in Wisconsin with Grandma and Grandpa Thorson and Auntie Amanda and Uncle Caleb visiting from Australia. Grandma and Grandpa had so many wonderful activities planned-we had a blast. We went boating, lake swimming, to the zoo, and to a Twins/Brewers baseball game. It was so such a wonderful time truly enjoying family and what a joy to see the kids get to know their Aunt and Uncle again. Then we left the older 3 with the grandparents who enjoyed a ton more fun activities. I am still hearing about all they did! Grandma and Grandpa were ready to pass them back when Joel and I came back from Hawaii!

Enjoying a boat ride on lake. The kids each got a turn to drive and fell in love with the Zimmerman family (their Grandparent's besties). Katie, you are Anna's BFF!

Jesse getting a turn to drive.

Lake swimming. The kids loved running and jumping off off the pier. This was the first time they have been able to enjoy a "beach" since our move from Hawaii. Our little swimmers were in heaven.

Grandma and Josie at the baseball game.

Asher is now super in to baseball.

Anna was a little restless and talked everyone's ears off. But we still love her!

Anna wanted Josie to have a tea party with her and her babies...hhmmmm...do you think she sees Josie as a baby doll or a friend?

Josie enjoying time with Grandpa.

Hanging with Auntie Amanda and Uncle Caleb at the game. GO TWINS!


  1. No matter what picture you post of her, Josie always has such a huge smile on her face!! Especially the ones on facebook in Hawaii. What a happy baby!

  2. I really wish I could have been there with you all but I have LOVED seeing all the pics. I talked with the kids via skype while you were in Hawaii. That was so fun! Anna is quite the talker. :) I miss you all!!