Monday, July 25, 2011


We interrupt your regularly scheduled program (Thorson Vacation, Part III) to update you on some happenings with the kids...moments too precious not to share.

The tooth fairy has been a regular visitor to the Thorson household. Asher has lost 4 total now. It amazing how a few missing teeth can change one's smile! Joel and I find it difficult to take him seriously with the way some of his words sound now :). I guess what is the most pathetic is how one tooth was hanging by a thread at the Burger King play place while on a play date with some other Mom's and none of us could bare to look in his mouth let alone pull it! Daddy to the rescue!

The other big development is we now have 2 girls with pierced ears! Any of you who have known us for awhile know this was a big deal. I wanted to get Anna's done as a baby but Joel was very adamant in waiting. He wanted it to be something special when she was older and could ask for it. Well lately it has been a huge topic of discussion but she was still a too scared to go through with it. Sunday it switched and she just kept asking so off we went (I have been waiting and waiting for this day!). Now Joel said no to Josie getting it done. I batted my eyes a little and said that if she had earrings, I wouldn't be so insistent on the hair bows (which he is not a big fan of). It didn't take too much convincing for him to cave. I guess it is true that the baby of the family gets everything!
Anna being super brave!
Her only moment of panic was when it actually happened but now she won't stop looking at herself in the mirror. She does scream like a banshee when I have to clean them twice a day. Not sure why since Josie doesn't bat an eye while I do hers. Always the drama queen. She picked out some pretty sparkly butterfly earrings.

Josie got pink pearls. And she looks so beautiful in them! Even Joel agrees that he likes the way they look.

They are both beauties.

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  1. Josie looks so happy in the photos, and I am looking forward to getting Rachel's ears pierced, sooner than later! Asher is so cute with the loss of the teeth!!