Monday, August 31, 2009

1 Month Down...3 months and 3 weeks to go

Here is Joel with his team. He is doing well over there, enjoying his job, being challenged in his leadership skills, and training for a 1/2 marathon on September 11. He works long 12 hour days with one day off a week but his biggest complaint is the heat (up to 120 degrees) and humidity. We get to talk on the computer almost every day but only for about 20 minutes. Sometimes they are great conversations and other times they are chaos with the kids screaming and climbing all over. However, we are so thankful for that time everyday and the kids always notice if a days goes by and we haven't seen Daddy on the computer.

Here are our tomato plants after 1 month. They are looking great! But they have become a source of revenge. Jesse has pulled out a couple of Anna's and Anna has pulled out one of Asher's in anger. Does anybody know about tomato plant? Is it time to tie them to stakes?

This is Jesse coloring a picture to send to Daddy. He always wants to do what the big kids are doing.

As for me, I feel like I have somewhat gotten into a groove. My mind at least has stopped waiting for him to come home in the evenings and we have developed our bedtime routine (Joel usually does bedtime). I am clinging to the verse 2 Corinthians 5:14 at the moment. "And he died for for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again." Every morning I attempt to lay myself down and live for the kids. It is a daily struggle to give up my wants and needs with a good attitude and I often fail. The Lord is guiding me and I lean on Him. Just please don't tell me the time is going to fly by because it hasn't. This past month has felt like a year! One day at a time.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Ballerina

Anna has a love for ballet. She is now old enough to be in a class without mommies so I am not banished to the corner anymore (she never wanted me doing it with her). She lives for ballet class days. There are about 10 little girls in the class but Anna takes it the most seriously by far (maybe not in a good way either). She is always focused with her hand on her hips, patiently waits her turn, and listens to every instruction...however, she is often yelling at the other little girls or ordering them to be on their tip toes, to get back to their spots, to raise their arms when they turn. Maybe Anna has a calling to be in dance (or to be a drill sergeant). Either way it is a true joy to watch her thriving in something all her own.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Boys

Even though he has been potty trained since he was 2, Asher has still been wearing pull-ups to bed at night. A few weeks ago he told me he didn't want to wear them anymore so (in fact it was the night before Joel left), so we are in the process of night training with Asher. He sleeps so heavy that I am not sure he even knows when he has an accident. Regardless, we are determined to get through this. It involves me taking him to the bathroom when I go to bed. Sometimes he is alert...other times he is not. This is how it ended last night. I tried and tried to wake him up and stand him at the potty and the poor thing just didn't seem to comprehend anything I was telling him. He just collapsed into a ball on the bathroom floor and I believe would have stayed there all night if I hadn't carried him to bed! But he did wake up dry this morning...YEY!!!

This is Jesse's interpretation of how to use a baseball glove...

Cute, aren't they?!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Asher's 1st Day of Kindergarten

Can you believe it?! My baby is in kindergarten! Here he is on his 1st day with his teacher Mrs. Kruegur. He was so excited. I was the dorky mom with tears in my eyes and the camera. He is going to school right here on base so we all rode bikes to and from school together (which Asher thought was awesome). It is weird for him to be gone for such a significant amount of the day but I also know it is good for all of us. Anna and I have been having a rough time together since Joel left. I am not sure if it is because I am doing all the discipline myself so it seems harder or if she is testing the waters, but it has been rocky. Amazingly, she was much better with Asher gone since I could focus my attention on her and enjoy some one on one time. Please pray for wisdom on how I can be the best Mom these kids need right now, to discipline in effective ways, to have fun moments together, and still deal with everyday life.

Our daddy projects are doing well...look at our baby tomato plants! The kids have been so great at watering them everyday and this is what happened in one week. I never expected to see sprouts so fast.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thoughts on Cleaning Ladies...

Today, as I sit here typing, there is a cleaning lady named Mela working in the upstairs of my home. It seems that every friend I have here in Hawaii (on the Air Force Base) has a cleaning lady. Many times I have listened in wonder as my friends discuss their cleaning ladies and asked if it was really worth the money. Everyone always says very enthusiastically "YES". Many people recommended names to me after Jesse saying that I just had to get one after the 3rd kid. I just never felt like I could justify it since we are trying to get school loans paid off and build up our savings. Isn't that one if the reasons why I became a stay at home mom? Shouldn't I be able to keep up with the house cleaning? Am I a failure if I get a cleaning lady? Then Joel got deployed and the house is a disaster...a no joke disaster. I interviewed some ladies and now am getting my house cleaned today and every other week from now on (at least until Joel comes home). I am still struggling with the decision but feel my time is priceless. Cleaning is not something that I alone and no one else can do. In fact I bet Mela does it better than me! So why not take that burden away from me for a little bit? Hhhmmm, I may never go back!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Daddy Projects

OK, so this picture has nothing to do with the topic of this blog but was too cute not to share.

Joel helping Asher and Ann planting tomato seeds. We wanted them to have something to care for while he was away...something to watch grow and show him when he returns. and something hardy of course that would succeed. We will have to see how our little seeds do over the months.

We also created candy jars with the kids. There is one piece of candy for every day that Daddy is going to be gone. They get to eat one piece a day and enjoy watching the jar get emptier. Well, they might not enjoy the candy disappearing but it will be exciting to have a visual on how much time is left.

We leave in about 10 minutes to take Joel to the airport. I have had a few breakdowns this week amongst the lovely moments we have shared as a family. I just can't believe this day is actually here and 4 months seems like 4 years to me at the moment. I can already think of 5 things I meant to ask Joel to do before he left and forgot. I am scared and am not quite sure exactly how I am going to react once he is gone. I will continue to lean on the Lord, trust in His timing and hands to hold Joel. His grace is sufficient.