Friday, August 14, 2009

The Boys

Even though he has been potty trained since he was 2, Asher has still been wearing pull-ups to bed at night. A few weeks ago he told me he didn't want to wear them anymore so (in fact it was the night before Joel left), so we are in the process of night training with Asher. He sleeps so heavy that I am not sure he even knows when he has an accident. Regardless, we are determined to get through this. It involves me taking him to the bathroom when I go to bed. Sometimes he is alert...other times he is not. This is how it ended last night. I tried and tried to wake him up and stand him at the potty and the poor thing just didn't seem to comprehend anything I was telling him. He just collapsed into a ball on the bathroom floor and I believe would have stayed there all night if I hadn't carried him to bed! But he did wake up dry this morning...YEY!!!

This is Jesse's interpretation of how to use a baseball glove...

Cute, aren't they?!


  1. Thats OK Asher! It's about the way your Grandpa feels when he gets up to go potty at night!

  2. We are about to work on the same with Caleb soon...this could be a glimpse into my future!

  3. We have the same night-time issues with Hannah. I woke her up to go potty and she just screamed so hysterically at us that we made her sleep downstairs in the guest bedroom!

    Housekeeper = sanity = no-brainer decision! ENJOY the luxury while you have it!!