Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

Kids reading nook.

My beautiful garden outside the front door of our new house. (Thanks Dad!)

Our backyard. We eat dinner out here almost every night and it is a wonderful common area for all the neighborhood kids to play.

My blue accent wall in the kitchen with my family photo collage.

The TV area. Of course, my most favorite thing in this picture is that adorable little boy!

The "office" and reading area. I just love the carpet that I got on clearance at Pier 1..woo hoo!

The view from the front door. The mirror...another Pier 1 steal...YES!

Just had to throw this in there...yes, really my new ultimate favorite kitchen accessory. I have wanted one of these babies for years! Joel told me I couldn't take it out of the box until we got to the new house. Then one evening he decided he wanted to bake cookies (in the old house). So he pulled it out and was the 1st to use it!!! I guess he deserves it being the baker he is :).

OK, so I love the whole house!! We are just so happy here and thankful for more space and great neighbors (and area).


  1. Love the new house. Looks like it's pretty roomy!
    Hey Kathy Cooper is here in town, and wanted to catch up with y'all. I didn't have your number. She will be here through Sunday (I think)...she is playing a concert on Saturday. I have her phone # if you want it!

  2. Things really look homey, you did a good job putting everything together so quickly. I like the choices in colors and the new things from pier one look great!

  3. Love your new home Mary! It looks wonderful and you've done such a great job decorating it.

  4. It's all beautiful Mary. I see a lot of character in that house...

  5. Fabulous! Hopefully we can see it in person next year.

  6. The new pad looks FAB!! I especially appreciate the mixer, everyone should have one those babies!