Monday, October 6, 2008

Best Friends

We have been so blessed with friends for the kids here in Hawaii. This weekend we watched a friend's kids for the afternoon and got some great pictures. These are their friends Garrett and Grace who I would definitely say are their best friends here. Garrett is 41/2 , Grace is almost 3, and they even have a little brother who is 7 months old. We always call this family our doubles. The kids get along so great (and we get along wonderful with their parents too). Anna has even named her favorite baby doll "Gracie" after her best friend. At bedtime we always have the kids thank Jesus for something that happened that day and most often it is "thank you Jesus for our friends Garrett and Gracie". Mommy and Daddy are so thankful for them too! We love to watch them play and see our kids interacting with good friends. Garrett has even got Asher wrestling! The girls will play with their babies and strollers for hours. It really is a blessing.

Anna and Gracie going down our homemade water slide.

Playing rind around the rosie in the pool.

Funny faces picture.
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  1. So glad to hear the kids have such great friends!

  2. okay i don't like this entry because i am not there! i have heard of "ring" around the rosie but what is "rind" around the rosie? is it a new england thing? i really miss you guys and sometimes wish we were still there with everyone!

  3. seriously- time for a new entry so i don't have to keep looking at this one and being sad. seriously!