Saturday, March 20, 2010

Take Two

A little over a week ago, Asher had his first trip to the ER to get staples in the back of his head. He was skidding around on his big wheel, "tricks Mommy", when a skid stop whipped the back of his head into the edge of a carport post. He was so brave in the ER, shedding not a tear! But geesh-2 kids to the ER for stitches/staples in 2 months! I don't like where this is headed! The minute he got home from the ER, he put his helmet on and was off on his big wheel again performing tricks. GO ASHER!

This morning was the "gecko gallop" - a 10K run on base. This was our 2nd 10K as a family. This is how we roll!! Ever since we trained this way for our marathon last year, the kids LOVE going with us and enjoy cheering us on during races. Our family jogging by is a common sight in this neighborhood. This 10K was a personal best for me-54:30! Yes, Joel could go faster but he stays with me :).

A gecko gallop wouldn't be the same without a gecko! Jesse still only says a handful of words but today he took off towards this guy saying "Look, gecko!". We were dumbfounded. Anna was mortally terrified of him but we managed to get a family photo after our run.


  1. That is a great time!! It's fun to do those things as a family, and Asher is a trooper!

  2. Good job Mary!

    And I think your kids must have taken after you! 4 kids and I don't think we have ever been in the ER with any of them. We have had 2 broken arms (Ty and Evan)but a Dr. friend looked at them and just sent us to have it xrayed.