Friday, November 6, 2009

Life with Jesse

As I sit here looking at my now yellow keyboard (thanks to Jesse and a yellow high lighter), I thought I had enough evidence to blog on what life is like with 18 month old Jesse. Anna and Asher never kept me on my toes like this one does.

His new favorite place to be is dancing on top of the kitchen table. This use to be a safe haven for Anna and Asher to color or play with toys when they didn't want Jesse interference, but not anymore. Those are real apples in my centerpiece. One day I noticed there were a few missing and it took my a few days to figure out why...then I saw Jesse walking around the house eating an apple. I keep refilling it but they keep disappearing!

Once he gets into my bathroom, he goes straight for the Q-tips.

I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me. I swear, you turn around for 1 second!

If only I had a picture of the time I found him swimming in the toilet like it was his own swimming pool...literally sitting inside the toilet bowl splashing around with a whole roll of toilet paper having a grand ol' time.

Rule #1: If it is quiet, it is time to find Jesse and fast!


  1. that is so funny. reminds me of times that my brother got into stuff. we were only 11 months apart and we could be trusted with nothing (well dagen couldn't...i just followed)!!!!