Monday, February 18, 2008

The Thorson Superstars

Anna and I are taking a "Mommy and me" ballet class once a week. She adores being a ballerina and I can never get those ballet shoes off of her! She tiptoes and twirls around the room. In class, I am supposed to encourage her and do the movements with her, but she will stick her hand out and say "Mommy, no, I do it" and leave me standing in a corner! It has been great to watch her enjoy something that can be all her own.

Asher is now a "Cubbie", or puppy as he would say, at Awana which meets on the Air Force base once a week. For the Awana newbies out there ( yes that would be me), this is all about scripture memorization. They do songs, games, and a story with the kids, and work on memorizing. Asher had to say 3 memory verses to earn, YES EARN, his Cubbie blue vest. We work on the verses all week and every day he would say "Mommy, I want a blue vest". I really didn't think a 3 year old could do it and was floored at how quickly he learned them. This picture was right after he was awarded his vest and he was soooo proud. Now we have a book to work through together that teaches him more about God and has more memory verses, which can earn him stickers and patches for his vest. What an amazing program.
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  1. Anna is so cute in her ballerina outfit and way to go Asher! They both look very happy; I look forward to getting my kids involved in activities like that.

  2. Hey Mary, I'm glad you guys are adjusting so well in Hawaii. Congrats on the healthy baby boy!! Your pictures are all so cute and the kids are getting so big. I miss you and maybe we will have to plan a trip down there to visit sometime. Take care. Love ya!

  3. It is one of my happier moments as a mom hearing julia and josiah say their memory verses! I am so glad they have awanas for him- what a great fun way for him to learn about the Bible! Anna is absolutely adorable in her ballerina outfit! I tried getting julia into that but she wants nothing to do with it- just gymnastics. In fact she cried when i took her to an open house down the road for ballet and all she was saying was- mommy please don't make me, i don't want to!
    So obviously some girls just have it in them- yours being one of 'em! :)

  4. I loved Awana. I myself was a Sparky (that's where I first met Jody! LOL I think we were about 9 or so) and Ryan and I worked in Awana for about a year in FL.

    I'd love to come to Hawaii! Maybe in a few years when my kids are we can leave them at home! HaHa! Next year is our 10 year would be awesome to celebrate with such a nice vacation.