Thursday, February 7, 2008

Yey Thursday!

Here is a picture of the kids on their new favorite toys. I have to point out that this was "LAST" week because this week we have barely seen the light of day. Asher has had a temperature or 104 degrees since Saturday, been up half the night every night, and has actually been napping! Woah, don't know what to do with myself when he naps. He has just been miserable. I finally got him into the doctor on Tuesday and he has Tonsilitus and has now perked up with antibiotics. But in the meantime, it has been no preschool, no gymnastics, no Bible study for Mary, no playground. Thankfully, I haven't caught anything! I finally thought I would get to leave the house today for Anna's ballet class (she loves being a ballerina by the way) and then my sitter for Asher just called that her daughter was sick....AAAHHHHH! This is nuts. Joel keeps saying "I thought people didn't get colds in Hawaii"...I guess the temperature outside doesn't matter. My one excitement of the week is IT IS THURSDAY!!! Thursday is now the best TV night ever with my 2 favorite shows back to back. First Survivor, starting tonight, and then Lost. Woo Hoo to a fun filled TV watching popcorn night!!!
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  1. Sorry about Asher being sick but glad that you've had a good TV night. Cute photo of the kids on scooters.
    Aunt Carolyn