Sunday, January 11, 2009

Boys will be boys

Asher had his 1st baseball/tee ball game this past weekend.  Soccer was an acquired love so we thought we would take a crack at a different sport.  The kids actually have "games" against other teams but no one keeps score and there are no "outs".   All the kids bat, run the bases, and then they switch.  The teams are coed and range in age from 4-7.  Asher's team is quite unorganized but it has to be hard to teach that age the skills and rules of baseball, right?!  Arriving at the game was like a scene from the movies when the music starts playing and the opposite team walks onto the field in step, wearing sunglasses, and the parents of the other team (that would be us) shudder in fear for our poor children.  The other team starting running drills and doing warm ups.  It is a good thing they didn't keep score or our kids would have been out every time!  Anyways, the boys did have fun.  Asher is still kind of in la-la land.  He did pretty good hitting but ran the bases staring at the sky.  While fielding, he played 1st base and started running the bases when the other team hit.  Then he started walking around and visiting all the other players, then sat in the dirt and drew pictures.  We got a nice chuckle out of it.  We know Asher will find his niche sometime and we are OK with him drawing in the dirt in the meantime. 

Asher hitting.

Asher running the bases.

Jesse just looking cute.  He ate the dirt instead of drawing in it.

The theme at AWANA day was "trauma day" where everyone was supposed to dress like they had been in an accident.  This is to teach the kids that God ultimately takes care of all our pains.  Anyways, Joel and Asher had fun dressing up :).


  1. How fun! And so cute Asher is!

    I guess you can say that Joel is a real pain...

  2. I think Joel had more fun dressing up than Asher!!!

  3. Ok, that last picture looks all too familiar of Joel from 2 years ago!!!!