Monday, June 15, 2009

The baby is gone...

This is the first time Joel and I have given our one of our boys an official "boy" haircut. Joel decided today that he wanted to try it with Jesse after he was called a girl again twice in one week. We figured he was young enough that we could experiment in order to discover what hairstyle we liked. It can always grow back! He certainly looks different but we really like it! I think next time we will leave some bangs but now his eyes and smile REALLY stand out. He looks like such a boy! So Asher says "Daddy, cut my hair like Jesse's too!". Daddy said no way. Would Asher be Asher without that crazy hair? We love Asher's hair but think this is the way Jesse will be from now on. It is good for brothers to be different and find their own way, right? We are just starting early.


  1. Oh my gosh what a change!!!!!! Rick wanted to get Camden's hair cut really short and I just couldn't let him do it. Jesse looks so great and I agree with keeping Asher's hair......that is what makes him Asher!!!!

  2. I think Jesse looks great with his "big boy" hair cut. He can really pull it off. Not all boys can. I don't think I could picture Asher without his hair...the hair is Asher and Asher is the hair...the two cannot be