Wednesday, December 16, 2009

San Francisco

So these pictures are a little late in coming, but these are from our day in San Francisco. It was a wild adventure that the kids and I went on during our 4 day journey back from West Virginia to Hawaii. We were stuck in California for 2 days while waiting for a military hop back so what else to do!?! This journey required 3 bus transfers and a ferry ride (oops, I mean pirate ship ride according to Asher).

I love this picture for some reason. We look haggard, it was a crazy day, but it was memorable. The kids are eating chocolate fudge here while watching a pack of sea lions with the Golden Gate bridge in view. We sat there for an hour enjoying ourselves.

Asher with Alcatraz in the background. This brought up many questions about prison. and nowthey pretend they are taking each other to jail (Wonderful).

Oh how we loved riding the trolley!!

Seriously we could have ridden this carousel all day.
Too bad it was so much money to ride. We only managed 2 rides.

OK, so I know this picture isn't that great but that IS Golden Gate Bridge in the background and Jesse conked out. Our camera (may it rest in peace and so glad it was still under warranty!) was run over by a car in West Virginia (LONG story), so all these pictures were taken by a disposal camera. Remember how this used to be the way we all did it? I think these pictures are AWFUL! But they are memories I will cherish forever. An adventure I never imagined I would have done on my own with the 3 buggers but SOOO glad we did it.

DADDY COMES HOME ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. LOVED seeing the pics. I'm glad you were able to make some memories. I am so excited for you that Joel is coming home. I pray that you all have a memorable Christmas together.

  2. Yeah for Joel making it home by Christmas!! I love that first picture as well! It is so real which make the best pictures.

  3. You are wonderful and brave. You have earned way too many badges for your Mommy sash. I think you have earned a gold medal! Those pictures are pretty decent for a disposable- great compositions! And, I want to hear about how your camera got run over. HA!

  4. i know i can fly with four kids by myself but vacationing with four kids i don't think i want to take on. i'm so glad that joel comes home on sunday. merry christmas to you guys!