Thursday, February 11, 2010

Welcome Olsens

My sister Nikki, husband Frank, and 3 lovely kids Berdon (6), Brooke (4), and Luke (18 months) arrived for a 2 week visit this past Monday. It has been a whirlwind of activity, beaches, and kids laughter. What do you expect with 6 kids, ages and sex falling perfectly to act like 3 sets of twins. It has been crazy! But definitely fun. Here are the Olsen's enjoying "shave ice", the first thing Berdon asked me for when he got off the plane.

Jesse and Mommy enjoying the beach. He wouldn't leave my arms after getting caught up in a wave. I didn't mind (that he was in my arms, not the wave part!). can you not love this kid?!

Double trouble #1...the 2 are nonstop action.

Anna and Brooke were best friends from the minute they laid eyes on each other. They are constantly giggling, holding hands, and disappearing into rooms to play for hours.

The 6 kids exploring.

Sisters...Nikki and Mary at a North Shore Beach.

and a nice video to end on to show how great the kids are together.


  1. Aww I miss my sweet cousins! The video at the end was priceless! Enjoy each others company!

  2. Say Hi to Frank and Nikki from us.

  3. Jesse looks so much like Larry!

  4. That looks like Matsumoto's in Haliewa...Yum!

  5. Thanks for the update! We missed the blog while you were busy with family and friends. Yes, I agree with Amanda...Jesse is one good looking dude!