Monday, April 5, 2010

A Hawaiian Easter

Our beautiful day celebrating His resurrection started off with a sunrise service aboard the battleship USS Missouri.

When we arrived home, the kids discovered that the Easter bunny had visited!

Then we made resurrection bread to eat with breakfast. We rolled marshmallows (Jesus's body) in butter and cinnamon/sugar (burial) and then wrapped them in crescent rolls (the tomb). The marshmallows melt while baking so they are empty when you break them open to eat.

Then off to the beach for a neighborhood potluck. Neighborhood gatherings for holidays happen often here since we are all so far away from family. It makes holidays special in a new and memorable way.

Asher getting surfing lessons.

Jesse wouldn't leave the dessert table.

The kids heard the resurrection story while parents hid eggs.

It isn't every Easter you have an Easter egg hunt on the beach!

I just love this picture of Jesse. The egg hunt got him away from the dessert table but then he just plopped down and devoured his candy.

We pray all of you had an extra special Easter too! We love and miss you all and hope to be with family over the next few holidays since we will be back on the mainland!


  1. I will need that recipe from you...we are so doing that next year with the kids! I love it!

  2. I sure would love to visit you and meet your kids. Your blog makes me homesick.
    Love from Aunt Carolyn