Wednesday, October 13, 2010

VT Weekend

Joel and I were able to have this past weekend away to Blacksburg, VA without kids! My parents graciously took them and everyone had a good time. This is how we found the kids at midnight when we arrived back at my parent's house. Joel and I were just as tired! But were super refreshed after such an amazing weekend.

We left my parent's house at 4:40 am so that we could arrive in Blacksburg bright and early. I may have been a little crabby but then we stopped at this beautiful rest stop. Some of you may know the story but this is the place where Joel proposed to me...long story but we get a chuckle out of it. As I was getting my coffee inside at Starbucks at 6:30 am, I wanted to say to the server "Right there is where my husband got down on one knee and proposed (yes, after I came out of the restroom being sent on a scavenger hunt for my ring, which was on a toilet!)" but held back. Then on we drove to Virginia Tech where we watched the fog coming off the New River as we drove alongside it at dawn-it was gorgeous!

We hit gold by scalping tickets from some little boys on the corner. Two tickets for $50-FRONT ROW tickets on the 30 yard line!! They were the best seats ever! It was a perfect football day and we were able to see the Highty Tighties (the regimental band that Joel and I were both in) perform-on the field in this picture. The Hokies won (WOO HOO!), and then we walked around our old Alma mater reminiscing. Then someone asked us where a building was and we felt like big dorks because we couldn't remember!

We spent the rest of Saturday with our dear friends Caryn and Scott Davis. Caryn was one of my roommates my senior year when I got my first apartment. It was great seeing them after so many years and meeting their son Josiah for the first time. We ate dinner at one of our old haunts and the bar in the restaurant broke out in a round of "Lets Go Hokies!". I am not sure I even heard that happen when we were in college!

The real reason we were there for the weekend was to attend Joel's cousin's wedding (Colin Fox). It was super nice for them to plan it in the area on the same weekend as a home football game! The wedding was outside on a beautiful 80 degree day, with the fall leaves and Claytor Lake as a back drop. The ceremony and reception were great and we loved seeing so many of Joel's family. This photo is the "Fox" side of the family (Joel's mom) that made it to the weddding.
All the Fox cousins who were there. Colin and Zheng Zheng were so happy-it was such a blessing to be a part of their day.
And here is my baby bump at 25 weeks. I thought it was a good time to take a picture since I actually looked nice. Still so far to go!

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  1. You look great, and it looked like an awesome weekend. We'll make it back down to VT hopefully next year, but what a blessing with the tickets and weather, and everything!