Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let it Snow

The Christmas spirit definitely arrived with the 1st snowfall! In Hawaii, it was often hard to get in the winter mood of decorating and cookie baking. Needless to say, despite the bitter cold days, we have enjoyed the arrival of winter and the new joys it has brought the kids. We had a great time putting our tree up while drinking hot chocolate (and not sweating!). The kids loved putting up their ornaments, hearing the stories of when and why they got them, and I have had a hard time stopping myself from moving Jesse's little clump at the bottom of the tree.

The snow and bitter cold (15 degree weather) have not stopped in a week. The kids beg to go outside everyday and even Jesse has gotten in on the fun. Our backyard has a perfect little hill for sledding. We have been borrowing a friend's sled...boogie boards don't work that well. I guess we need to invest in some sleds!

Jesse had to shed his mittens and play with bubbles. They were one of his potty training prizes. Yes, that is right ladies and gentlemen. We survived potty training this week! I am happy to say that we are now diaper free for the next, oh, 6 weeks. WOO HOO!

These are Asher and Anna's letters to Santa Claus. Adorable!

And then we mailed them at the nice mailbox in Macy's. They were ecstatic!

And this picture doesn't really fit in with the rest but deserves a spot anyways! Asher swam 2 races in his swim meet this past weekend. He got 8th place in the 25 meter freestyle and improved his time by 1 second. Then he swam the 25 meter backstroke during which Joel and I sat there with our jaws on the floor. He won his heat and placed 2nd overall of 11 kids, missing 1st place overall by hundreds of a second! He has carried his ribbons around for days, so proud of himself. We again are just so overwhelmed by his joy and confidence in swimming. May the blessings continue to come down with the snowflakes.

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  1. glad you are enjoying the change of seasons again, and I am happy for both Jesse and Asher! Big accomplishments for both!