Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Ladybug!

Happy Birthday to Josie!
Since we call her ladybug, I had to go with a ladybug theme for her birthday. We just had a small gathering with my parents and a neighbor. The kids wore ladybug hats and I enjoyed the challenge of making Josie a ladybug cake.

Josie had no qualms about getting her hands dirty! She couldn't eat the cake fast enough.

And this is what she looked like when she was done. Maybe the red icing wasn't such a smart idea? She had to have a bath before she opened presents!

We can't believe she is 1 now. The kids loved helping me prepare for her celebration and made her day special. I couldn't help but be a little sad. Maybe it is knowing that this is our last child and all of a sudden, she has changed from a baby to a 1 year old. I still want that little bundle sleeping on my shoulder. I can see why the babies of the family always get spoiled now. We just want them to stay babies forever since we are unwilling to let that feeling go. All of a sudden I truly feel older as this next stage of life creeps up on us. Asher is up to my shoulders now (no joke, yes, at 7 he is this tall!) and I see the tween years on the horizon. I am anxious to be done with diapers and the 3 year old temper tantrums, but can't they just stay babies forever?

We love you sweet Josie, our ladybug. Happy Birthday!

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