Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Of Divas and Pirates and Motorcycles

 Asher has started swimming with a summer swim club team.  That means hours of the rest of the family often sitting by the pool waiting for out swimmer.  Josie managed to get goggles and a swim cap on, marched right over to the pool, and proceeded to climb in!  Maybe we have another swimmer in our future...

Anna's class had a pirate week ending in a pirate party on Friday.  The school bus was filled with pirates-it was adorable!  Anna was very into her character.

 Josie acquired this tutu at a community yard sale.  While walking the block, she walked up to a table, grabbed this, and walked off. I guess I was paying for it!  She has worn it nonstop the last few days and will scream if it falls off.  This girl knows what she wants!  I am not sure I am getting that tomboy I was hoping for.  Peeking in on her at nap time, I just see a fluff of pink sticking out. 

 Doesn't the purse complete the outfit?  Yes she wore this out.  I dare you to try and take that purse from her...

 8 was the coming of age line for riding the motorcycle with Daddy.  The boy was beaming!  It just started with a ride around the block.  Now every time we have to go somewhere, "Daddy, can we take the motorcycle?!".  He is going to get to ride that thing more than me!  Yes, I am a bit jealous.

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