Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Meet Finn

Finn McMissile Thorson is the newest Thorson in our household.  We adopted him over Thanksgiving break.  I have had the dog bug for awhile but Joel has been dragging his feet but when he saw this face he was in love along with the rest of us.  He is half dachshund, half chihuahua (a chiweenie", yes this is a real breed!).  He ways a whopping 3 lbs and probably won't get much bigger.  Our biggest hurdle is to have Josie see and treat him as a real dog and not a stuffed animal. It has greatly increased our work around house...I mean really it is like potty training another kid! But so far he has enriched our lives greatly. The kids are loving the energy and playfulness he brings and you just can't help but smile to see them all on the ground playing with him.  Or when he is asleep in Joel's slipper with his little head sticking out!