Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Josie!

Josie turned 2 yesterday (even though she will tell you she is 3)! She is obsessed with Cinderella ("rella" in her words) so we had a Cinderella filled day with a trip to the Disney store, Cinderella cake, and many Cinderella themed presents.  So now when she screams for RELLA we will not know which ones she is talking about.  How smart of us.

 The Disney Store did a little celebration for Josie.  She loved it.  She also spent the entire time there carrying as much Cinderella stuff as her little arms could hold.

 Josie's Cinderella cake.  She cried when I took the barbie out of the middle to cut the cake. I guess I can see why that would be a bit traumatic.  Hopefully cake and ice cream helped her forget that experience!

 Presents! A Cinderella baby doll! (Told you-everything was "Rella" themed)

 Josie with her best pal Evie.

Our neighbors gave Josie a sleeping bag.  She tucked all her "rella's" in and cuddled up.  It was adorable...if only she would really fall asleep there!

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet ladybug.


  1. I love Cinderella too! I want a Cinderella themed party next! Happy Birthday to Josie :-)

  2. Happy Birthday to Josie from Aunt Carolyn!