Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hawaii in DC

Our assignment in DC has been a blessing in so many ways. One unexpected blessing has been the way dear Hawaii friends seem to keep moving into our area resulting in a number of reunions. Our time in Hawaii was special in a way that can't be put into the right words even though I am going to attempt it...it was long afternoons in the backyard and hoards of children playing throughout the neighborhood, coffee and encouragement on the lanai with the neighborhood gals, random children coming in and out of your house at all hours, a leisurely way of life that one doesn't seem to find anywhere else. This past weekend we had an extremely special reunion as our small DC/Hawaii gang welcomed the Boutz family into the area! Now this reunion was extra special because 2 of the children in his family were Asher and Anna's best friends during out time in Hawaii. Since we have left Hawaii (now 3 years ago!), seriously not a day goes by that Asher and Anna do not mention Garrett and Gracie, still their best friends and can't wait to see them again. If only you could have heard Asher's screams in the car the day that Garrett called to tell him about their move to DC! So here we are headed to a "Welcome to DC Boutz family" party and we hadn't told our kids who they would be seeing! We couldn't wait to see the expression on their faces! It was an afternoon of such true joy. If I just closed my eyes I could almost smell the ocean and feel the palm trees swaying!

 Asher and Garrett reunite! They ended up on the ground wrestling and never stopped smiling.

 Girl power! Anna with dear friends Gracie and Emily.

 Mary with her dear friends DiAnne and Tracey! I may have been squealing the car as well the day the Boutz family called us to inform us of their move.

 Joel sporting his Matsumoto T-shirt with Jeff and Graham.

All the ladies. 
Jenn Foxworth was such a gracious host putting this shindig together and opening up her home. Connie Oh made the most amazing malasadas! The rest of us soaked in the fellowship and can't wait for more Hawaii Ohana to join us!

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