Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cherry Blossoms Time!

Our favorite time in DC is cherry blossom time! Of course it is everyone else's favorite time to visit too so enjoying DC at this time often involves lots of crowds. But as long as you accept this fact and face it, it is well worth the trip! However, I thought maybe I could avoid some crowds by signing up for the Cherry Blossom 10 mile run which has a route designed for the runner to enjoy such an amazing site.
However do our amazingly long and cold winter, the cherry blossoms were late blooming so this was the only tree I saw with blooms during the 1:20.51 minute run (Yes another PR for me!!). This tree was at the finish line. So still a great run, but disappointing. However just 6 days later...this is what they looked like...

A site that NEVER gets old!

We were super blessed this spring time because we got to enjoy with our friends, the Libby family from the Boston area. They are lifelong friends who are staying with us for a week. It has been fun being tourists with them (and we aren't done yet!).
 We became friends with the Libby's during our pre-kid stage. Now we have 8 kids between the 2 families! Made for quite an adventure in a crowded city-lots of stroller bumping, dirty looks from other tourists, potty detours (including port a potties with no toilet paper and one in the corner of a parking garage!), and counting off kids. Needless to say we all crashed at home and ordered pizza once we got there. The kids were such troopers and have paired off into amazing friends. Well, Josie and Jonas (the 2 youngest) do NOT get along. Josie keeps calling him "that baby" and they fight like an old married couple!

 After 2 years living near DC, this is the first time the reflecting pool has been open! It was awesome.

 The boys.

 The girls. 
Hannah Libby keeps having trouble remembering Anna's time. LOL.


 The trip allowed for our kids first metro ride...they were beyond ecstatic. Us parents maybe not quite so much. We were squished like sardines and Asher's hands were literally black after he was done touching EVERYTHING. 

And I just have to leave you with this...taming the Thorson's is never easy but it sure is fun and makes for quite and adventure!

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