Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Chasing the Kids...

Often my "running days" are hours spent chasing after my 4 little loves. While I have been catching you up my my running adventures/dreams/goals I feel I have neglected sharing the spotlight with them so this will be a little catch up of my life of taming the Thorson's!

Asher turned 10 at the end of May...we have officially entered the double digits! I still might be in shock or denial over this one. He only has a few inches left before he is looking at me eye to eye! He is still the "boy with the hair" and loves loves loves swimming. Despite getting older one thing that never changes about Asher is his view of life...always the optimist and happy (just like his Daddy!). We are so blessed to have Asher in our lives.

 We drove 45 minutes to the closest Panda Express so Asher could have his favorite food (yes I know we can get orange chicken from any Chinese restaurant but all pale in his eyes to Panda Express). He is totally worth the drive!

Happy Birthday Asher!

Jesse is now finishing up kindergarten. He has been chanting the last few days "5 days till I'm a first grader", "4 days till I'm a first grader"...He has loved kindergarten. Josie misses him when he is gone but I think the break it good...they fight nonstop till he gets on the bus and then it picks right back up when he gets off the bus. Yet they love each other fiercely. That fierceness usually ends in a biting or boxing match.
He was a tomato in his kindergarten performance last week. His kindergarten class actually has a vegetable garden they have been working in all spring. 

He played a season of baseball (finally without a cast on his arm!). He went from always striking out to usually getting 3 hits a game. He has grown so much in his skills (but we know he has a long way to go!). At his last game, we watched 2 boys wrestling over the ball in the outfield before it was returned to the game. It just makes us chuckle! Jesse is still trying to find "his sport" and already says he wants to play another season in the fall. He is also on summer swim with his older siblings this summer so maybe....wouldn't it be nice to actually have 2 kids in the same sport?!

Anna just wrapped up another year of ballet and jazz with 2 finale recitals. This girl loves dance more than life itself. She cried the last day of class and after each recital, clinging to her friends. Joel and I were amazed at how she lit up one the stage. Both of us said that it was a smile, pure joy, that we have never seen from her in day to day life. I actually got tears in my eyes watching her!
 Jazz Hands!

A girl always has to get flowers after a performance!

We celebrated all these "finales" with milkshakes at Fuddrucker's, a family favorite, but Jesse's most favorite! Josie is just into it for the milkshakes!

Hope all of you are enjoying the end of a school year (yay! to a break in homework and packing lunches and dragging kids out of bed even though they won't sleep in on Saturdays). Summer, here we come!

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