Monday, October 13, 2014

Pikes Peak Adventure

About a month ago I booked our family tickets to ride the Pikes Peak cog railway. The train trip takes you to the summit of Pikes Peak while enjoying all the gorgeous scenery along the way. Our reasoning for picking October 10th for this family adventure was because it was fall! Early October is the perfect time to see the beautiful fall foliage on Colorado's most famous mountain, right?! Wrong. Yes we are Colorado newbies. September is the perfect time to see the fall foliage. October is the perfect time to see 4 feet of snow. That was not a typo...Pikes Peak is currently covered with 4 feet of much that the railway crew has not had time to plow the track and we could only go 6 miles up Pikes Peak (which meant no summit for the Thorson family this time). We had a choice to cancel our trip but decided to take the discount and see where the adventure brought us!

Pikes Peak is in the enchanting town on Manitou Springs, CO. If it had been warmer maybe we would have walked around and explored a bit but we were still in snow shock. Isn't this train depot adorable?

It was "fall" when the train ride started but we quickly saw the snow getting thicker and thicker on the trees.

It was breathtaking.

 At mile 4, the train allowed us to get out and play for about 45 minutes. We were in tennis shoes....very unprepared for the snow but we didn't let it stop us from having a snowball fight!

A rare moment when Jesse actually allows me to take a picture of him (and he is smiling!!) Can you see his missing teeth...quite cute if I say so myself. 

 Family photo time. It was hard to get Josie to stop eating the snow long enough for a picture.

 Josie had to be carried as she was just wearing crocs and kept sinking in snow up to her knees.

A picture with the cool train.

A picture to prove that Colorado does indeed have a fall season! I was warned that my fall-loving spirit would be let down by fall in Colorado. Fall is my favorite season and I know that nothing can compare to our New England years of fall splendor but look at this?! My trail runs have provided truly gorgeous golden views that have made my heart sore. Colorado does not disappoint. Next year we will just make sure to book our Pikes Peak train ride in September!

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