Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"Best Vacation Ever"

So in the kid's terms, our trip to Aspen was the "best vacation ever"! We have had pretty amazing vacation in the pasts, and I know that kids have a hard time comparing those kinds of things-but it still felt good that despite my racing addiction we managed to have a pretty nice family weekend. Finishing up Ragnar Trail Relay in Snowmass Village left me feeling pretty run down. I mean I was running on 1 hour of sleep by the time we reunited at the finish line.

I was so thankful to have them at the finish. They all pitched in to help pack up our campsite. A shower felt like heaven after 21 hours of running and camping in the rain. Then we joined friends for dinner and let the kids play in the pool. I really wasn't up for much else other than that.  I literally reached a point where I was falling asleep on the side of the hot tub (and it was only 7pm). But a hotel pool is one of the best gifts you can give children! However after 12 hours of sleep I was ready to join in on the family vacation and we made Sunday the best day that we could.

It started with a Gondola ride in Aspen which brings you to a summit of 11,200 feet and a panoramic view of the Elk Mountains.

Joel did a great job at showing his panoramic photography!

We were able to share this journey with some great friends, The Jarrett's. Mike ran the relay with my as one of the 8 snowballs while his beautiful wife (and dear friend of mine) Jessamy corralled kids with Joel. Asher got very upset anytime someone assumed they were a family (which happened quite a lot since they were touring the town together with 6 kids). The kids became best buddies by the end of the weekend.

From there, we drove a few miles away to do some hiking at the Maroon Bells.
The Maroon Bells are two fourteeners separated by about 1/4 of a mile, and this spot is said to to be the most photographed spot in Colorado.

We had a lovely time hiking and exploring.

We then took the long way home which took us through Independence Pass (only open in the summer).

It was like driving through another world and again, we had a great time exploring. 

Thus the "best vacation ever" was one super fun day of exploring. Colorado just has so much to offer in this area and we are loving every second of it!

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