Saturday, October 20, 2007

Anna's Birthday Party

"Three" she will exclaim if you ask her how old she is...hmmmm...we have been trying to work on that. But she does manage to hold up 2 fingers when she says it!! Regardless of the pouring rain that kept me worrying all night, we had a successful birthday party this morning. It was perfect in my eyes. Well, maybe I didn't need to make so much food! A good friend helped me decorate cupcakes (so of course I have to display that picture), the kids went on a hayride, picked apples and pumpkins, fed some goats and sheep, and got to play in a hay maze. It was a blast. As of the moment, Anna's favorite gift is her backpack, which she refuses to take off. The weight of it even pulled her off the picnic table while we were opening other presents and it took forever to calm her down enough to open more. But she still won't take it off!! We had a wonderful muddy morning. Now Asher says he wants to go to his birthday party....oh boy.

We missed all of you who were not there to share it with us. You were in our hearts!

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  1. Congratulations! Kid birthdays always deserve another merit badge on the mommy vest of life. I got to skip the big stuff for Hannah's second party since we didn't really know people with kiddos and our HH goods arrived the day before! LOVE the pictures! And Hannah loves to wear her "pack-kack" too!