Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We're Home!

We were able to get so close to the kangaroos!  It was awesome.

Here we are on a koala hunt...we never did find them but it was fun trying.

A family photo at the Hunter Valley, the wine region of Australia.  That is a vineyard behind us. We did some wine tasting and saw the cellars where the wine was made.

Caleb and Joel wine tasting.

Here we are back in Hawaii.  It always feels good to be home after a trip, but it was certainly bittersweet.  Our time in Australia was magical, a dream come true.  Thank you Uncle Caleb and Auntie Amanda for such a wonderful wonderful time.  Anna's baby doll, "Gracie" unfortunately got left behind...I guess she really liked Australia a lot.  Anna is devastated over this.  We keep encouraging her that Gracie is on vacation, Uncle Caleb and Auntie Amanda are babysitting, and she will be coming home on a plane soon.  We learned that it was a mistake to say that Gracie was going to be in the mail...oh my what a mistake!  We know that if Gracie is having as good a time as we were that it will all be OK.  So I will leave you with a few more photos from our trip.  I know everyone was dying to see a kangaroo picture!  We finished the trip off with more kangaroo encounters, a rugby game for Joel and Caleb, and a trip to the Hunter Valley-the wine region of Australia were we got to travel to different vineyards and do some wine tasting.  The 11 hour flight home went better than ever.  It was overnight.  Jesse closed his eyes right before take off and didn't open them until the plane landed.  Anna and Asher got a good night's sleep as well.  Now we are just trying to adjust back to life here.

Tomorrow morning Asher has surgery to have tubes put in his ears and have his adnoids removed.  It is a simple procedure but he is really nervous.  We keep encouraging him that Jesus is with him and God would never give him more than he can handle.  Please pray that he will be filled with peace and heal quickly.  We can't wait to see how his hearing improves!


  1. Great pictures! I am glad the whole trip was good for you guys, and flying on a C17 does seem to be the way to go. What great memories.

  2. Grandma and Grandpa are praying for you this morning Asher!

  3. What a fun trip it looks like you had! I'm glad I know you are home now. I had no idea what time zone you were in!!! We will be praying for Asher tomorrow and will call you over the weekend.

  4. I am glad you had such a great trip and great flights are such an added blessing. Our prayers are with Asher.

  5. Your trip sounded like SO much fun. Wish we could have been there with you guys. We will be thinking of Asher and praying that all goes smooth and that he can actually hear afterwards!!!!!!