Thursday, March 26, 2009

My new love new love. I have just recently finished a 10 week course on learning how to sail. I can now take a boat out into the harbor by myself. The course has been awesome...challenging like learning a new language and empowering in that I have accomplished something that was so intimidating in the beginning. Now I am addicted. I keep trying to plot ways to go sailing as much as possible. Last week a few of my sailing buddies and I took a boat out into the open ocean and saw whales. It has been such a great way to enjoy and appreciate God's beauty. Hawaii is the perfect place for sailing and I hope to take advantage of that for the rest of out time here. The picture above is me with some of my sailing peeps.

This is my sailing mate Melissa. We completed the course together so we feel very bonded now and plan to sail together from now on.

Here we are taking the boat out. Isn't that beautiful?


  1. Congrats! Are you a Wet Hen??

    The pictures are beautiful.

  2. I do not know how to sail but did you know that I took scuba diving lessons while in Japan and went on some ocean dives?