Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Power of Prayer

I was able to get all dressed up a few weeks ago in order to join Joel at an Awards banquet where he was a nominee for CGO (Company Grade Officer) of the year for Hickam Air Force Base. He did not win the award, but he had already received CGO of the quarter and CGO of the year for his group, and it was a huge honor to be nominated at the base level. These awards are a huge testimony to the power of prayer and in allowing me to see God working in Joel's life.

Our move to Hawaii has given Joel a new appreciation for the Air Force and increased his desire to make it a career. He was very discouraged about this desire because he had basically been idling for 5 years with the belief that he was going to separate from the military. This is a big deal because the AF makes their officers jump through hoops in order to be selected for promotions and Joel believed that he was going to be jumping through these hoops too late. Now God has been teaching me A TON about being a prayer warrior...not just for myself (I am good at saying God, Help ME) but for my family and friends. So I got on my knees for Joel and asked my prayer group here to be on their knees as well. We prayed for Joel to have favor at work, that He would open doors that no man could shut if it was His will for Joel to be in the AF beyond Hawaii. Then within a month, God's favor flowed. He was ranked #3 out of 18 in his office, the awards were showered on him, he has the potential to be selected to a school slot that looked bleak before, he is working on his master's online, and he has been selected to be in a command deployment (very rare for a Captain)...all things he can put on his resume to increase his potential to be promoted to major and beyond. God is so good. Prayer works and He moves.

"Ask, and it will given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened." Matthew 7:7-8

Now, some of you may have noticed that I mentioned a "command deployment" above. Yes, it is what you think. Joel is being deployed for 4 months - August-December. It is helping me to know that this was God's will, part of the favor that I prayed for, and He will hold Joel in his hands now, while he is deployed, and forever His protection is over Joel. I have been blessed with a wonderful support group here. Even though I don't want him to go, and I am somewhat in denial that the date is inching closer, I have experienced God's love and will continue to walk with him and support His will in my family's life.


  1. Thank you for sharing how prayer is affecting your family, it is so encouraging to hear and to see! It is also good to see the trust in God grow as He makes the way for you guys. What a powerful testimony.

  2. Thanks for sharing your heart, Mary. Prayer is something I constantly struggle with.

  3. Congratulations Joel! And thanks so much for sharing Mary.
    Love you both, Aunt Carolyn

  4. Joel, you're the man! We miss y'all.--Colaw