Saturday, April 11, 2009


Jesse is moving now! He is so proud of himself. He took his first steps in Australia but didn't really attempt it much more until this week. He is very slow and deliberate about each step (which is nice that it slows him down a little) but we know it won't be long before he is running and making the job of mommy chaser more difficult.

Here he is just being his normal mischevious self. Look at that look on his face! I know we need to baby proof the house but we are moving to a new house in less than 2 weeks so what is the point now! Oh, it is going to be a long 2 weeks with this rascal. Anna is so good at helping me chase him. She is such a little Mommy.

HAPPY EASTER everyone!! May the Lord be your center this weekend as we remember and rejoice in how deep his love for us goes. That same power that conquered the grave now lives in us.

"...death no longer has mastery over him."
Romans 6:9b


  1. You and I probably have the exact same pictures- only yours have Jesse and mine have Kaeden. She is walking all over the place and I don't know how many times I have found her in the kitchen with all the trash bags out!!! They truly are meant for each other.

  2. Wow, walking, it always seems to come so quickly! I am envisioning you and Anna chasing after Jesse. I am excited for you and the new place, I hope the move goes smooth!