Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Weekend Adventure

This past weekend we rented a kayak and explored some islands around Oahu with friends.

This is the only time Jesse was smiling in the kayak (when it was on the shore). It was a traumatic experience for him. He was hysterical when I held him on for the 1st trip and Joel paddled but after a wave flipped us, he didn't make another sound-just hung on for dear life like a statue. The next day he was a little more relaxed and was able to point out some turtles swimming by.
Anna and Asher took turns being brave...at times they liked it and at times they didn't. They both thought it was fun to surf waves with the kayak.

Here Joel is paddling Anna and Asher out to "Goat Island", a bird sanctuary that we camped out on and explored for the day. We had enough adults to have one stationed on each shore while the dads ferried families back and forth. Joel was exhausted at the end of the day!

The kids had a blast together!

Jesse and Asher doing the boy thing and exploring the island with Daddy. They found a big bird egg and saw some strange birds.

Our beach camp. Also the site where Asher found a diamond ring while digging in the sand. Our jaws dropped when he trotted over to us saying "Look what I found!". We believe it is real and plan on taking it to get appraised this week. Now every time we are at the beach he says "Mommy will you help me find a diamond ring?"...spoiled already!

Asher getting some paddling in.

A tired but happy family at the end of the day.


  1. That is incredible that you found a ring...I'll start looking harder in the sand next time we head to the beach.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your adventure!

  3. What a great family adventure before you move from Hawaii!